Consecutive Interpreters: Italian Companies and the Top Three EU Collaborating Nations

L'importanza degli interpreti consecutivi

The demand for consecutive interpreters for international events and meetings is one of the growing mega trends as economic and commercial, political and cultural relationships are established between the different nations of the world. 

Italy maintains relations of exchange and economic integration, as well as scientific and technological collaboration, cultural and social inclusion, with various member countries of the European Union. Relations followed and encouraged by the Directorate General for the European Union.

The meetings, company and bureaucratic visits are managed and maneuvered by the General Management in line with the implementation of Intergovernmental Summits. These moments are an opportunity to fine-tune ideas, topics, objectives and methods of bilateral relations with a view to weaving strong and long-lasting alliances.

Over the past three years, Italy has organized annual Intergovernmental Summits with France, Germany and Spain, and for the first time with Eastern European countries, including Turkey, Poland, Romania and Serbia.

With some of these nations, our nation has launched a further instrument of bilateral cooperation and open dialogue for mutual interest, known as "strategic partnership".

According to ICE-Prometeia forecast data, Italy will need 2 years to recover levels cheap of 2019. In fact, 2019 had revealed strong growth for exports overseas as well as to European destinations.

2020 has been a complicated year for the national economic set: many sectors and industries have reached a rock bottom never reached before.

However, already in the first five months of 2020, exports from the pharmaceutical sector grew by +16.0%, while for food and beverages by +4.3%.

La quota di mercato dell’Italia sulle esportazioni mondiali rimane stabile al 2,84%, ma sono previste importanti potential for large international markets, including USA, Japan and China, India and Korea.   

Relations within the EU have experienced strong growth for exports already in 2018 - specifically for Germany (13%), France (10%) and Spain (5%) - for sectors of transport, industry, healthcare and retail and wholesale trade. The import of three years ago recorded values equal to 17%, 9% and 5% again for the three European countries mentioned above.

What 2019 and 2020 taught national companies was to reevaluate and invest in e-commerce: according to data from UNCTAD (United Nations Conference on Trade and Development), e-commerce recorded an 8% growth compared to 2017. More and more customers are moving digitally to buy products and get to know new brands. it is therefore important that companies keep up with the times. This translates into a coherent and innovative offer of accessibility to resources and information for international users.

On the line of information accessibility, we also find the importance of promoting collaboration with companies and foreign countries, through the planning of events, international fairs and congresses. In order to be able to close a collaboration, it is important to be able to communicate with the foreign interlocutor. For this reason, on the basis of more and more bilateral relations, the presence of is being asked consecutive interpreters at these meetings. There have been numerous requests in recent years from professional linguists in the field.

Clearly it is not enough to select a native interpreter. Whether it is a German, French or Spanish interpreter, their specialization in the relevant sector and their own experience are also essential.

Every culture, every nation, every language has its own peculiarities, which must be respected and handled with care. A French interpreter knows the linguistic and cultural nuances of the modus operandi and modus cogitation of French companies. His contribution is therefore invaluable when it comes to business and bilateral relations, the creation of start-ups, development and collaboration. 

International Congresses aims to help and support Italian companies in the process of economic and political internationalization, providing the best consecutive and simultaneous interpreters.

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