Negotiation Interpreting: The Key Role in Commercial Negotiation

Interpretariato di Trattativa

Liaison interpreting is a fundamental service for companies that want to expand their business internationally, because it facilitates communication between the parties, allows them to overcome linguistic and cultural barriers and allows them to carry out effective and successful commercial negotiations.

However, many companies are unaware of the importance of this service and often underestimate the costs associated with using a professional interpreter during negotiations. In this article we will explore the role of liaison interpreting in commercial negotiation, analyze the benefits it offers and discuss the factors that influence the costs associated with this service.

Liaison interpreting: the secret weapon for successful business negotiations

The role of negotiation interpreting is to translate conversations between the parties in a precise and timely manner, both verbally and in writing, in order to allow fluid and understandable communication during commercial negotiations.

Liaison interpreting is a fundamental service for companies that maintain business relationships with foreign partners and that need communication support during negotiations, meetings, conferences and other events.

In general, there are many types of companies that can benefit from liaison interpreting, including:

  • Companies that export or import goods and services
  • Companies participating in trade fairs or trade events abroad
  • Companies with branches or offices in foreign countries
  • Companies that make joint ventures or partnerships with foreign companies
  • Companies that have a multilingual workforce
  • Companies that have foreign customers or suppliers
  • Companies investing abroad

Liaison interpreting is inherently transversal in the sense that it is used in a wide range of sectors including: finance, insurance, technology, engineering, manufacturing, commerce, tourism and many others.

Si tratta a ben vedere di un servizio molto flessibile, adatto a molte aziende, in particolare a quelle che operano in contesti internazionali o sono in procinto di espandersi all?estero.

Liaison interpreting: the added value for your company

Liaison interpreting significantly increases the efficiency and quality of business negotiations between companies, allowing them to expand internationally and thus grow their turnover.

Among the main advantages that this type of service brings to companies, we find:

Greater efficiency in communication: it allows to overcome linguistic and cultural barriers, ensuring precise and fluid communication between the parties. This can significantly increase the efficiency of negotiations and reduce waiting times for trade agreements to be concluded.

Improved mutual understanding: allows the parties to better understand each other's needs and expectations, reducing the risk of misunderstandings and misunderstandings. This can improve and foster the quality of long-term business relationships.

Greater transparency in negotiations: liaison interpreting ensures that all information is transmitted accurately and completely, increasing transparency and trust between the parties, and therefore the likelihood of reaching a commercial agreement.

Greater flexibility in negotiation: liaison interpreting multiplies business opportunities for companies, because it allows them to approach foreign partners effectively, regardless of their language or culture. This can increase business opportunities for the company.

Liaison interpreting: understanding the factors that affect costs

I costi associati all?interpretariato di trattativa possono variare notevolmente in base alle richieste del cliente e alla situazione. Un?azienda che si muove in un contesto globale è tenuta ad approfondire le ragioni che influenzano i costi del servizio così da prendere decisioni informate e ottimizzare il budget a sua disposizione.

Here are the main factors that affect the costs of a negotiation interpreting service:

  • The language or languages ​​in which the interpretation takes place: some languages ​​are more in demand and therefore more expensive than others.
  • The level of experience and expertise of the interpreter: more experienced and qualified interpreters may have higher rates.
  • The duration of the interpretation: costs can increase for longer interpretation sessions.
  • The place where the interpretation takes place: costs may be higher for more distant or difficult to reach places.
  • The type of interpretation: specialist interpretations in specific fields may have higher fees.
  • The availability of the interpreter: costs may be higher for last minute interpretation requests or in case of a request for a specific interpreter.

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