Interpreting in Romanian

Interpreting in Romanian

By choosing our Romanian interpreting service you can communicate with speakers from Romania and Moldova, where this is the official language. It is estimated, however, that this idiom is also spoken in Serbia, Russia and Ukraine for a total of 24.1 speakers worldwide. Romanian is a language derived from Latin, which is why some words sound familiar. Our Romanian interpreters are highly qualified and have experience of more than 10 years.

TheRomanian interpreters of Congressi Internazionali who make up our multilingual team participate in more than 500 events a year, therefore, they will be able to give you language support on different occasions. Contact us now!


i nostri Interpreti rumeni professionisti guideranno verso
il successo il tuo business!

You may need Romanian interpreting services in your business meetings, especially in the areas of natural gas production, minerals, and metal processing, sectors that are widely developed in this nation.

Romania is a country that is booming economically, and in recent years it has expanded its companies and dedicated itself to a greener economy. This is the basic reason why many Italian industries are establishing relations with this territory.

The key to creating a firm partnership is to understand each other, therefore, Romanian iinterpreting is critical in business.

Our company provides you with competent staff who can translate your interlocutor's message, even if they speak a dialect different from the official language. Write us to learn about the services of our Romanian interpreters and find out about our offers or ask about customized packages.

Our Romanian Interpreting service is available for companies, private citizens, public administrations or associations. Contact us, we can offer you a personalized service with competitive rates.



Parlare un?altra lingua non è mai stato così facile: il servizio di interpretariato in lingue per eventi, riunioni e presentazioni importanti di Congressi Internazionali ti porta oltre i confini linguistici! A customized multilingual interpreting service that can adapt to your specific needs and expectations. Thanks to our vast network of 20,000 certified native interpreters, we guarantee smooth and natural communication in more than 200 languages. 

Congressi Internazionali offers a complete and customized solution for your multilingual interpreting needs. Our team of highly qualified native speaker interpreters is at your disposal to ensure smooth communication during your event. Our services cover all types of interpreting such as simultaneous, consecutive or chuchotage, depending on your specific needs.

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Discover the most frequently asked questions from our customers. For more information, contact our team. We are always at your disposal!

Congressi Internazionali provides professional interpreters, hostesses and stewards for congresses and conferences, translation facilities and audio-visual equipment necessary for the implementation of an event, as well as specialised and dedicated technical assistance.

Our customers can rent kinds of translation equipment and systemsas needed: from classic soundproof booths for simultaneous translation, to practical tabletop booths, to bidule systems, to audio-visual systems complete with microphones and microphone stands, speakers, monitors, and cameras. Our equipment is designed and manufactured in full compliance with ISO standards to ensure maximum efficiency and safety for our customers.


Sulla base degli spazi a disposizione, della sala in cui si terrà l?evento e del numero di partecipanti. Se non sai qual è la soluzione più adatta a te, contattaci e sapremo consigliarti.

We will contact you to arrange an inspection, if necessary, and to define together the timing and organisation of your event. Our technicians will be at your disposal, supporting you from inspection to equipment disassembly, and providing dedicated specialised assistance.

For small events Congressi Internazionali fornisce un servizio di consegna e ritiro di piccoli e pratici sistemi bidule. Dovrai solo fornirci numero dei partecipanti, location e orari dell?evento: un nostro tecnico ti consegnerà, all?indirizzo da te indicato, attrezzatura e istruzioni, rimanendo reperibile in caso di necessità.

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