Master English and conquer new horizons. Native English interpreters and interpreting services of excellence for your business in the international market.

20,000 certified native interpreters

More than 200 languages

Operating all over Italy: maximum timeliness and precision in the organization and logistics of your event

Mon-Fri: 8:30 - 21:00

Sat: 8:30 - 14:00

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simultaneous translation into English: the winning bet for your company

Our English interpreting service, managed by expert professionals who have worked in the sector for years, allows you to increase your business prospects.

High-profile native English interpreters We work exclusively with native English interpreters who ensure the most accurate and natural communication between Italian and English.

Experts in the field and international culture. Our English-Italian interpreters specialize in the various areas of interest to your business and have in-depth knowledge of international culture, ensuring effective communication and mutual understanding.

Wide range of English interpreting services. We offer a wide range of interpreting services, including simultaneous translation English Italian and Italian English, both in person and remotely, to adapt to the different needs of your company.

Customized solutions. We design Italian-to-English interpreting services tailored to your business, taking into account the smallest nuances of the language.


“Siamo lieti di comunicarvi che il servizio di traduzione consecutiva da noi richiesto è stato svolto dall’interprete in maniera impeccabile, superando le migliori aspettative.”
Elisa S.
"Ci tengo a ringraziare tutto il team per il servizio che ci avete offerto con pochissimo preavviso. Lato nostro è stato tutto perfetto, l'interprete fornito è un vero professionista. Grazie!"
Giulia F.
"Non conoscevo questa agenzia, ma ho deciso di fidarmi delle ottime recensioni. Confermo tutto quello che leggete! Sono professionali, veloci e gentilissimi!"
Giuseppe C.
"Ottima agenzia. Affidabili, precisi e molto cortesi e gentili! Raccomandata!"
Simone P.
"Ho trovato uno staff gentile e preparato! Sicuramente collaboreremo anche in futuro!"
Valentina M.
"Ho trovato un team professionale e pronto a soddisfare ogni richiesta. Cinque stelle assolutamente meritate!"
Paola A.


Speaking another language has never been easier: language interpreting services for events, meetings and important presentations of Congressi Internazionali takes you across language boundaries!

A customized multilingual interpreting service that can adapt to your specific needs and expectations.

Thanks to our vast network of 20,000 certified native interpreters, we guarantee smooth and natural communication in more than 200 languages.

Congressi Internazionali offers a complete and customized solution for your multilingual interpreting needs.

Our team of highly qualified native speaker interpreters is at your disposal to ensure smooth communication during your event.

Our services cover all types of interpreting such as simultaneous, consecutive or chuchotage, depending on your specific needs.

Mettiti alla prova e richiedi subito un preventivo!



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Discover the most frequently asked questions from our customers. For more information, contact our team. We are always at your disposal!

Congressi Internazionali provides professional interpreters, hostesses and stewards for congresses and conferences, translation facilities and audio-visual equipment necessary for the implementation of an event, as well as specialised and dedicated technical assistance.

Our customers can rent kinds of translation equipment and systemsas needed: from classic soundproof booths for simultaneous translation, to practical tabletop booths, to bidule systems, to audio-visual systems complete with microphones and microphone stands, speakers, monitors, and cameras. Our equipment is designed and manufactured in full compliance with ISO standards to ensure maximum efficiency and safety for our customers.


Based on the available space, the room in which the event will be held, and the number of participants. If you do not know which solution is best for you, contact us and we can advise you.

We will contact you to arrange an inspection, if necessary, and to define together the timing and organisation of your event. Our technicians will be at your disposal, supporting you from inspection to equipment disassembly, and providing dedicated specialised assistance.

For small events Congressi Internazionali provides a delivery and pickup service of small, convenient bidule systems. You will only need to provide us with the number of participants, location, and time of the event. One of our technicians will deliver, to the address you provide, equipment and instructions, and will be on call as needed.

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