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Bologna city of Italy
In the heart of Emilia-Romagna, in Bologna, Congressi Internazionali offers high-quality interpreting services for your event. With ours certified mother-tongue interpreters, specialize in more than 50 sectors and with over 10 years of experience, we offer an all-round quality service in, more than 200 languages.

For more than a decade, we have been providing interpreting services in Bologna and throughout the country. Our network includes more than 20,000 professional interpretersready to guarantee you clear and effective communication.

We take care of every detail of your event, from audio-visual management to selecting the best interpreters. Our reliable and qualified team is available 24/7 to respond to your needs with maximum responsiveness.

With International Congresses, you have the security of a quick and reactive service. Our company is committed to ensuring the availability within 24 hours of your request, you receive high-quality interpreting services when you need it most. Moreover, we offer zero costs for emergencies, effectively supporting you even in the most critical situations.

Looking for a interpreting service that guarantees you prestige and quality at an affordable price?

Abbiamo già collaborato con aziende rinomate a Bologna, offrendo i nostri servizi in prestigiose location, tra cui il Boutique Hotel Calzavecchio, il Millenn Hotel, l?Euro Garden Hotel Bologna Centro Congressi, l?Hotel Michelino, e il Teatro Auditorium Manzoni.

We are proud of the more than 300 projects we have completed, always selecting the best, ISO-certified equipment, and adhering to strict quality standards, with 99.8% of deliveries within the agreed deadlines. This commitment to excellence is reflected in our reviews on, where we have a score of 4.7 out of 5.

We always have an eye on your budget needs, which is why we offer competitive rates and a 20% discount for new customers.

Rely on Congressi Internazionali for professional interpreting services in Bologna. Contact us to get an immediate free quote in less than 30 minutes. Choose professionalism, choose Congressi Internazionali!






Discover the most frequently asked questions from our customers. For more information, contact our team. We are always at your disposal!

We have been providing translation services for more than ten years interpreting in Bologna and throughout the national territory, diversified in relation to customer needs: interpreters and professional translators, hostesses/stewards for events, audio-video equipment rental, specialized technical assistance.

Sì. Congressi Internazionali fornisce l?interpreter a Bologna simultaneous, consecutive, chuchotage, negotiation, specialized in the juridical, legal, medical, scientific, economic sectors, based on the customer's request.

Sulla base del tipo di evento, degli spazi e del numero dei partecipanti, ti forniremo l? interprete ideale, tutta l?attrezzatura audio-video necessaria, hostess e steward. Se vuoi maggiori informazioni, contattaci. Sapremo suggerirti la soluzione più adatta a te!

We have done more than 300 projects a Bologna and worked in the most important centers congresses, museums, galleries and hotel of the city.

Because our interpreters are exclusively professional native speakers, registered with the most important national and international professional associations; because we provide only certified services and the best technical equipment on the market, designed and manufactured in full compliance with ISO standards.

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