Video interpreting: an analysis of evolution before and after the pandemic

Video interpreting represents a milestone in remote interpreting, proving to be a solid resource well before the era of the Covid-19 pandemic. We explore the evolution of this form of linguistic communication, analyzing how it has adapted to new challenges and whether it has retained its relevance in a landscape increasingly rich in advanced technological tools.

Video interpreting before the pandemic: roots and development

Before the pandemic era, video interpreting was already an option used in various situations. Initially, video calls were made through dedicated platforms, often operated by language service providers. This type of interpreting was widely used in areas such as healthcare, international conferences and corporate meetings. Its adoption was, however, limited by some technological challenges and the availability of reliable Internet connections.

Evolution during the COVID-19 pandemic

With the arrival of the pandemic, video interpreting has experienced a significant acceleration in its adoption. Travel restrictions and new needs for social distancing prompted many organizations to seek alternative solutions to maintain continuity of international communications. Video interpreting, because of its ability to connect people in different places around the world, has emerged as a key resource.

Competition or integration in the interpreting ecosystem: an in-depth perspective

The increased adoption of advanced app-based tools and computer tools has triggered critical reflection on the position of video interpreting in the broader remote interpreting ecosystem. As new technologies continue to emerge with increasingly advanced capabilities, video interpreting not only retains its place but proves to be an integral and complementary element, especially in contexts where the visual component plays a key role.

The challenge of competition: new technological frontiers

With the development of computer apps and tools, competition among different modes of remote interpreting has become increasingly evident. However, video interpreting stands out for its ability to provide an immersive visual experience. In online events or international press conferences, where gestures and facial expression play a crucial role in communication, video interpreting retains its relevance, ensuring a more complete and in-depth understanding.

Integration as a key to success

Rather than seeing video interpreting as a competitor, many industry experts see it as a key component in the integration of remote interpreting services. Its strength lies in its ability to offer a more personal visual connection, going beyond the mere transmission of words. During business negotiations, corporate meetings, or cultural events, video interpreting becomes a bridge that bridges cultural and linguistic distances, making interactions more meaningful and authentic.

The importance of the visual component in interpreting

In contexts where facial expression, gestures and body language are crucial to understanding, video interpreting emerges as an irreplaceable resource. The visual component provides an additional level of detail and understanding, creating a deeper connection between the interlocutors.

The versatility of video interpreting

The versatility of video interpreting manifests itself in various situations, for example:

  1. Wide-ranging online events: during international conferences and webinars, video interpreting ensures more engaging communication and facilitates the participation of multilingual audiences
  2. International press conferences: in press conferences involving participants of different nationalities, video interpreting facilitates mutual understanding through its visual component.
  3. Business negotiations and corporate meetings: in negotiation situations or business meetings, where accuracy and in-depth understanding are essential, video interpreting presents itself as a valuable tool.

In summary, rather than being a competitor, video interpreting fits harmoniously into the remote interpreting ecosystem, enriching it with an essential visual dimension. Its ability to offer authentic and engaging connections makes it an irreplaceable resource in multiple contexts, contributing to the success of contemporary multilingual communications.

Its future relevance

Despite competition from new technologies, video interpreting has proven to maintain a central role in international communication. Its ability to provide a visual connection between the parties involved remains unmatched. Organizations seeking remote interpreting solutions should carefully consider how video interpreting can integrate effectively with modern digital platforms.

In conclusion, video interpreting, while being the oldest form of remote interpreting, has proven its resilience and relevance, adapting to changing needs and continuing to play a crucial role in contemporary multilingual communication.

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