Goals 2021: International Congresses obtains the Treevotion Certificate


The commitment to the environment is the demonstration of a growing company, close to the future and development.

The certificate delivered by Treevotion at International Congresses is one of the most significant goals of the whole of 2021.

Its mere presence is the concrete demonstration of our green commitment.

Dedicating the right attention to the environment and its needs is more important than one might think. Above all, it is essential to rely on top-level organizations capable of offering concrete help to the Earth.

Treevotion undertakes every year to contain the damage caused by pollution and climate change. In this way, it helps us to give the world new hope.

The wonderful initiative of “50 Trees Planting Certificate“, once again demonstrates the desire for change.

The Certificate is awarded to all companies that undertake to plant at least 50 trees, helping the environment to regain lost control.

A small step towards greater awareness, towards the outside world and towards the world of work.

Environmental commitment and personal growth

Work in event organization and event management Congressi Internazionali, helps us keep up to date with what's happening in the world.

Unfortunately, the environmental problem is increasingly present and increasingly worrying.

It is important to intervene as soon as possible, trying to do everything possible to change the situation.

Plant a number of trees each year, commit to repopulate the woods, is a great way to contribute.

Trees are able to significantly reduce the quantities of nitrogen dioxide, carbon monoxide, ozone, sulfur dioxide and atmospheric particulate matter.

All these substances are associated with air pollution, and are produced every day by our cars and gases and factories.

By helping trees, we also help ourselves breathe cleaner, better quality air.

It's a small step, which could really make a difference over time.

For this year, we proudly present our certificate, thanking Treevotion for the help.

Marketing Team International Congresses




Marketing Team International Congresses

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