Simultaneous translations: will it still be possible to do them?

International congresses

In a world destined to increase distances, there are those who have found the solution to continue offering simultaneous translations despite the covid

Rethinking simultaneous translations in time of covid 19 it is possible. Between one restriction and another, those working in the simultaneous translation sector will have to face a completely new scenario. To do this, there are several alternatives that can be chosen, always keeping in mind three essential objectives:

  • health protection
  • compliance with current regulations
  • a quality simultaneous translation service

Never like today and in the future that awaits us, these three elements will intertwine in an inescapable way. But it is really possible to deliver simultaneous translations without increasing costs and jeopardize the sustainability of a business so crucial to restarting the world of international congresses and conferences?

Rental of simultaneous translation equipment

Meanwhile, it must be said that the new provisions provide for the adoption of a series of measures which must already be taken into account when rethinking one's services. Indeed, the necessary facilities will inevitably be larger than those used up to now. If already today, to ensure a professional simultaneous translation service it was necessary to think of booths for translators, microphones, headphones and, possibly a technician on site who was always able to intervene to solve any problems, with the advent of the new health provisions the situation will be considerably more rigid.

To get an idea of ​​how different it will be to organize events that include the presence of a simultaneous translation system, just think of a few aspects. You must have grips and sponges for disposable microphones, for example, to be replaced after each speaker's speech. Booths for translators who will have to guarantee an adequate distance between operators to offer maximum protection. In short, these are aspects that will inevitably fall on the budget items of all those operators in the sector simultaneous translations, who in no way want to give up the quality of the services offered.

Rafiky and remote translations

A second and decidedly interesting possibility is offered today by remote simultaneous translations. A sector that is booming and that will certainly find even more space today. It is the case of Rafiky, which will allow you to have remote simultaneous translations in real time simply with a mobile phone, an internet connection, a pair of personal or disposable headphones. In fact, by downloading the app, you will have access to a translator network ready to offer their skills without being physically present. Rafiky offers a real, immediate solution to save money but, at the same time, overcome the restrictions imposed by the covid emergency without compromising the quality of a service based on excellence. To get to know and find out what Rafiky can do, just download the app and start rethinking tomorrow's international events right away.

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