Simultaneous translation English Italian – In which cases do you need the translation of the university degree into English?

In quali casi hai bisogno della traduzione del titolo universitario in inglese?

The translation of the university degree into English is a necessary step for those who want to formalize their studies in another language and open the doors to other job markets outside their own country. These translations must be faithful, complete and performed by competent and trained people. Therefore, it is a special service that is absolutely necessary for this specific case. The beauty is that the country in which it is carried out does not matter, since all translations of this type must be sworn and, therefore, valid internationally. Read on to find out when you need a translation of your university degree.

How is the university degree translated into English?

This type of translation is officially regulated. To obtain its officiality, only a translator who holds the title of sworn translator-interpreter can carry out the translation. Therefore, both the person who carries it out and the issued document must be duly accredited.

Ordinary translations can be performed by any translator who has the relevant training and who guarantees the decisions made. However, the translation of the university degree into English is a sworn translation which has legal validity before the official bodies and cannot be questioned by other professionals.

University qualifications are mandatory in paper format and their translation must bear the certification, stamp and signature of the sworn translator. The translator is responsible for the fidelity and accuracy of the translation content and for the fact that the content is an exact replica of the original.

Cases that require the translation of the university degree into English

There are cases where the translation of the university degree into English must bear the seal of the sworn translator. In such occasions, it is important to hire a sworn translator quickly so that he can perform the service as soon as possible and avoid problems with deadlines. If not, you can request a conventional translation. Therefore, these are the cases in which the translation of the university degree into English must be requested:

When it is one of the documents that must be presented in universities and centers throughout the Anglo-Saxon world in order to access masters or specialization courses. Obtaining a university degree is a preliminary step, and therefore must be respected internationally.

To apply for any company job in English-speaking countries and overseas in general. Qualifications must be approved in order for acquired skills to be approved as well. The academic authorities of that country will review the official status of the degree. Also employment agencies. The person in possession of the title must be able to carry out the tasks that will be required in his future employment. Regulated studies let someone know they have it without prior proof.

There are cases in which the entity that requests the official translation of the document also requests its legalization. For this, the original legalized document can be presented together with the sworn translation at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. In addition, the document can also be legalized with the Hague Apostille. This happens if the document is intended for a country that adheres to the Hague Convention. If not, other measures to officially legalize it should be consulted.

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