Translator and interpreter rates – How much do you know about telephone interpreting rates?

Tariffario traduttori e interpreti – Quanto ne sai sulle tariffe di interpretariato telefonico?

The telephone interpreting è un servizio che esiste in Italia da ormai più di due decenni, ma che è ancora sconosciuto ai più. Negli anni, grazie ai progressi tecnologici, questo servizio è diventato via via sempre più performante e accessibile a livello di costi.

With the arrival of mobile applications, its use has become even more widespread, as well as the ideal solution for quickly and efficiently solving communication problems. However, an aura of mystery still surrounds this interpreting niche, causing many to feel that telephone interpreting charges are high and that access to a professional interpreter is expensive.

Instead, the opposite is quite true. Telephone interpreting is one of the cheapest interpreting methods, in spite of conference interpreting, which remains the most expensive. The reader should be reminded that in telephone interpreting the interpreting technique used is bilateral. The interpreter makes consecutive memories, reproducing the speech after the intervention of each of the parties. In bilateral interpreting, the interpreter translates into both languages within the same conversation.

Rates for telephone interpreters

Companies in the telephone interpreting sector usually bill their services by the minute. Rates for telephone interpreting in Italy are generally between €2.80/minute, as the highest price, and €1.21/minute. But beware! These tariffs for telephone interpreting can be cheaper. If the client uses the interpreting service regularly or has a considerable call volume, then large discounts are usually applied.

As we indicated earlier, the usual thing is that telephone interpreting rates are per minute, but there are other options as well:

  • Telephone interpreting rates per call: a fixed price is established for an interval of minutes. For example, 1 to 6 minutes, 6 to 12, etc. This type of rate is designed to reward the interpreter's agility in handling the call, since the same rate will be paid whether the call lasts two minutes or six. It is particularly useful for customer service telephone services, where the most important aspect is to serve the customer in an agile and decisive manner.
  • Telephone interpreting rates by appointment: usually works by the hour and is indicated for per-established meetings, in which it is known that the minimum duration will be at least one hour.

What are the best rates for telephone interpreting?

Those of Congressi Internazionali. How come? Because we adapt our telephone interpreting tariffs to the use you will make of the service and we also give you the possibility of combining several tariffs.

Rates for telephone interpreting at International Congresses are cheap and flexible and adapt to the needs of any type of business. Tell us about your job and business, and we'll design a customized plan with telephone interpreting rates that will help you grow internationally.

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