Super Green Pass: the new rules for congresses

Super green pass

Given the continuation of the COVID 19 pandemic, precautionary measures continue to strengthen in every sector. Among these, the new one undoubtedly stands out mandatory Super Green pass for events and activitiesincluding congresses.

Over the last year, in fact, decrees and ordinances have followed one another in this regard. The most recent was issued on December 29th and entered effective January 10. The contents of the text will then be valid until the end of the state of emergency, extended to 31 March 2022.

Let us briefly recall what is meant by a Super Green pass or an enhanced Green pass. This is the green certification obtained in case of completion of the first vaccination course or recovery from covid-19. It is currently valid for 9 months, but from 1 February it will drop to 6 months and, to extend it, the third dose will have to be taken.

Let's find out together, in detail, the main innovations and rules that will be applied to the events and congresses sector.

Super Green pass for events: the decree 

On 29 December, the Council of Ministers, on the proposal of President Mario Draghi and the Minister of Health Speranza, approved a new decree-law. This introduces urgent measures to contain the spread of the COVID-19 epidemic and new provisions on health surveillance.

According to the text, new measures are introduced regarding the extension of the strengthened Green Pass and the quarantines for the vaccinated. From January 10, until the end of the state of emergency, the use of the Super Green Pass will be mandatory for various activities. Among these, they are also explicitly named fairs, congresses and all accommodation facilities.

Also according to the decree, the capacities 50% will be allowed for outdoor facilities, 35% for indoor ones. What does all this mean for the world of conventions and international congresses?

International Congresses: how our events will change

In the light of the legislation that has come into force, the cards in play in the organization of congresses change again. First, they will need to be used access measurement systems, to avoid possible crowding and respect the required limits. Moreover, it will have to be verified the presence of the green certification at the entrance to the accommodation facilities.

It will, of course, have to be kept on distancing between the participants and the correct disinfection of surfaces and equipment used. Furthermore, as we have mentioned, the participating public will be reduced, to respect the 35% capacity limit allowed.

Although this news might seem like a step backwards for us, in International Congresses we are ready to guarantee quality services. Thanks to the teachings of 2021, in fact, we are ready to organize hybrid events, capable of engaging online users.

Following the enhancement of all audio-video equipment, as well as the fundamental support of remote interpreters, nothing scares us. Furthermore, through the use of technologies such asapp Rafiky, we will continue to make events accessible and safe both remotely and in presence.

The current legislation is clear, each event must follow well-established procedures and rules. In International Congresses, therefore, we work hard to be able to guarantee all participants high quality and hygiene standards. The safeguarding of our collaborators and customers is, in fact, our main objective.

We do not yet know what challenges we will have to face in 2022 but Congressi Internazionali is ready for anything. It doesn't matter how the next conferences are held. Remotely or on site, our interpreting agency has the solution that best suits your needs.

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