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super green pass e congressi

With the beginning of the new year, new ministerial provisions have also arrived on Super Green Pass and congresses. Given the gravity and the continuation of the COVID 19 pandemic, it is unfortunately necessary to continue to regulate events and conventions.

Despite the vaccination campaign, social distancing and protective devices, in fact, we still cannot let our guard down. Especially in a sector where interpersonal exchanges are fundamental, therefore, the need for new rules is clear. So let's find out together in detail what has changed since 10 January as regards Super Green Passes and congresses.

Super green pass and congresses: the new decree

Since last January 10th è entrato in vigore un nuovo decreto legislativo, con nuove misure per il contenimento della diffusione dell?epidemia. Secondo questo, l?uso del Super Green Pass will be mandatory for different activities. Among these, fairs, congresses and all accommodation facilities are explicitly included. The organizers will then have to carry out the necessary checks using the appropriate app.

First, let's better clarify the concept of Super Green Pass or Strengthened Green Pass. This is the certification obtained in case of completion of the first vaccination cycle or recovery from the covid-19. It is currently valid for 9 months, but from 1 February it will drop to 6. To extend it, the third vaccination dose will need to be carried out. Consequently, it will no longer be possible to access events with a negative molecular or antigenic swab. 

Always in the same text, the capienza al 50% per gli impianti all?aperto, al 35% per quelli al chiuso. Furthermore, it is specified that for congresses it is mandatory to wear surgical or higher protection masks, such as FFP2. A decree certainly full of novelties, from which Congressi Internazionali however, he was not taken aback.

International Congresses: our offer

As we have seen, the decree that came into force brought about changes and innovations in the organization of congresses and events. To ensure compliance with all new rules, access measurement systems will need to be used. It will then have to be verified the validity of the super green pass dei partecipanti all?ingresso delle strutture ricettive. All’interno della location dovrà essere mantenuto il distanziamento e la corretta sanificazione di superfici ed attrezzatura utilizzata. 

In International Congresses we are ready not only to guarantee quality services, but also full compliance with the decree. Following the upgrading of the entire audio-video equipment, as well as the fundamental support of remote interpreters, nothing scares us. This is because, thanks to the work of the past few months, we have been able to develop hardware and software services capable of breaking down the barriers imposed by the pandemic. 

In addition to the professionalism of all our technicians, we can count on our fantastic team of remote interpreters and translators. In fact, through their precious work, we have strengthened hybrid interpreting, offering an even more versatile and efficient service. Added to this is the fundamental collaboration with Rafiky, our partner web conferencing platform. 

We do not yet know what challenges we will have to face in 2022 but Congressi Internazionali is ready for anything. It doesn't matter how the next conferences are held. Remotely or on site, our interpreting agency has the solution that best suits your needs.

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