Rivoluzionare gli eventi internazionali: l’approccio ibrido

Sistema ibrido per eventi internazionali

The future of events seems to be heading towards a hybrid system, mixing residential events and online events together. On the other hand, in the last year, even the service of Simultaneous interpreting of the interpreters, who were used to working inside special soundproof booths, was digitized in parallel with the international events.

Although in the first period of the lockdown a sense of disorientation profoundly upset them, many companies have arranged a reinterpretation of international events. Moving the events to an online platform allowed them to follow the plan of commitments set in the agenda.

For this reason, many of the multinationals and SMEs have relied on agencies specialized in the event management sector and in remote interpreting services. Being able to leverage the organizational and strategic skills of professional linguists and event managers, they thus found a valid solution to the conditions of chaos and uncertainty in which everyone found themselves.

Medical congresses organized under lock down were held remotely to discuss how to deal with the global pandemic. The event was global in scope, therefore interpreting agencies were approached to provide simultaneous translations for attendees from all over the world.

The case of “phygital” fashion

In this regard, the flexibility of the fashion world has been astounding, which in the last year has promptly re-evaluated the methods of organizing fashion shows.

Finnish company Maridress moved the fashion show online, usually organized every year outdoors in the suggestive Esplanadi park in Helsinki, kicking off the dances for the evolution digital first. The strategy was adopted in such an amazing way that it went viral worldwide: on May 22, 2020, fans were actively involved through the Instagram social channel. They were invited to wear outfits inspired by the fashion house and use the filter Poppy created specifically for the event, like real models. Even the musical performances were respected and made digital: the compatriot singer-songwriter Vesala performed by connecting live at 17 on that same Friday in May. Marimekko's CEO Tiina Alahuhta-Kasko expressed herself in this regard:

We are constantly inspired by our community and are very excited to invite everyone to participate in this inclusive runway from the safety of their homes.”

The remote mode was like a bolt from the blue for the entire meeting industry world, but its magic ended up countering the affection for the traditional mode of residential events. With a pseudo-return to normal, especially in the summer months, online activities and events have seized the opportunity to be able to return live. At least in part.

The system Physicality or Hybrid is the trend which, according to the experts, will also be confirmed for the following years. Remaining on the subject of fashion and design, in September the much loved MFW was subject to hybrid events, in which the physical presence, albeit reduced, was maintained. Because the human factor and the so-called “real interaction” – quoted by the creative director of Etro – are fundamental elements, especially for certain types of events such as those in the fashion world.

The communication in the hybrid system

The nature of sessions in live streaming, live or recorded mode actually has a less recent history than you think. Since the early 2000s, healthcare professionals have been forced to follow a training and refresher program, the modalities of which included remote video conferences or webinars, and therefore not only residential conferences (RES).

He already had the luxury of complete interactivity, balancing online and offline. However, despite the sin of that "real interaction", the events have always focused attention on a high involvement by users.

Communication must be targeted and personalized on the basis of the interlocutors and the target customer. With remote modes, users can connect to the event platform and follow from the comfort of home. Remote interpreters use their language skills to make event content accessible to everyone, regardless of their nationality or physical distance.

The potential of the hybrid system in the combination of residential and online events translates into a greater affordability and accessibility. Even the environment benefits from it, thanks to the reduction of carbon dioxide emissions typically generated by the numerous trips and transfers for residential events. Based on your needs and your business objectives, you can choose the type of event that your business needs most. Congressi Internazionali he will be enthusiastic in being able to help you take care of the organizational aspects and decipher multilingual marketing strategies, in collaboration with translation agencies such as Rafiky

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