Hybrid Simultaneous Translation System and Quammelot Project

Hybrid Simultaneous Translation System and Quammelot Project

On 18 September, a Florence, Congressi Internazionali had the great honor of assisting in the organization and success of the final event of the Erasmus+ project Quammelot, which was attended by users from various countries such as Spain and Greece, as well as guests present at the venue.

The event was also organized thanks to the University of Florence, within the magnificent premises of the Palazzo Vecchio in Florence, headquarters of Common

Come Congressi Internazionali we are happy to have helped the event unfold through our Interpreting services remotely: the intercultural of this event goes perfectly with our mission. 


The QUAMMELOT project it was an excellent opportunity to design, develop and evaluate an online training proposal on intercultural education, aimed at secondary school teachers.

The project has potential implications in these four main areas:

a) educational policies;

b) teacher training;

c) educational and curricular practices of schools (in secondary education and, by analogy, in other educational stages before and after secondary school);

d) social and community education outside the schools.

Ours simultaneous translation systems have found fair application in the exchange of ideas for the Focus Group organized as part of the event: a technique for collecting qualitative data used in social research, which is based on the information that emerges from a group discussion on a topic or a theme that the researcher wants to investigate.

The cutting-edge technologies that we at Congressi Internazionali we use allow us to connect people of different cultures and languages, breaking down language barriers through ours remote interpreters and ours System Hybrid Simultaneous Translation.
We would like to thank Dr. Proli and Dr. Biagioli very much for having worked 24/7 for the realization of the event, and the interpreters Vincenzo Streppone and Silvia Sturlese for the excellent work done in the interpretation phase.
We also thank the organizers of the project QUAMMELOT for the occasion given to us and the public for the positive feedback received, hoping to collaborate more and more with projects Erasmus+ and make ours available to young European students and guests remote interpreting services.

Cristian Lorenzo Crivello
Rafiky Press Office

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