Among the various types of linguistic services, the telephone interpreting è, senza dubbio, una delle più semplici e vantaggiose dal punto di vista economico e logistico. 

Equivale ad un interpretariato in consecutiva, ma  consiste essenzialmente in una comunicazione telefonica istantanea: un telephone interpreting service allows those who request it to communicate by telephone with a foreign interlocutor, eliminating any type of obstacle or linguistic difficulty. 

The telephone interpreter translates the dialogues that take place between two or more interlocutors, into the required languages.

In case of short communications, urgent matters or simple requests, represents the most comfortable and effective solution.

There are many advantages of this service:

  • Speed: communication takes place immediately and directly, there are no movements or transfers; the waiting times are therefore reset.
  • Costs: telephone interpreters often work from home; in addition to the waiting times therefore, if you request a telephone interpreting service, the costs relating to travel, stays and means of transport will also be eliminated.
  • Security and privacy: for confidential or private matters, if anonymity is required or anonymity is preferred, this service represents the best alternative to common interpreting services.

The telephone interpreting it requires preparation, study and specific skills of the interpreters, according to the various sectors of interest (legal, medical, economic, finance, marketing, etc.). 

If you are looking for a telephone interpreter for your meeting, rely on professionals in the sector!

Congressi Internazionali has been offering linguistic solutions for every type of need for more than ten years.

Ours telephone interpreters professional and qualified will be able to guarantee you excellent quality standards, for every occasion.

Find out more about our translation and interpreting services.

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