Cabina per interpretariato: Standard o da Tavolo?

table booth

In order for the interpreting service, many times the latter requires technological support. Even more so during events such as congresses and conferences that see the participation of many people. Especially in simultaneous interpretation, which provides for the simultaneity between the speaker's speech and his interpretation.
In simultaneous interpretation, the interpreter works inside a booth designed and soundproofed according to ISO standards. Inside there is a console that allows the conference interpreter to listen to the speaker through headphones and then provide the interpretation.
Simultaneously, again via a microphone, this is transmitted to participants who do not know the speaker's language.
In order to obtain an impeccable interpretation it is necessary that the interpreter is able to see the speaker inside the booth.

The technology to support the interpreting service.

As we have seen, the technological aspect is crucial to obtain an impeccable interpreting service. We at International Congresses are a interpreter agency which has always had an eye towards technological innovation. Not only do we have the Standard Booth but we are also able to offer the innovative mobile simultaneous interpretation service.
Questo particolare sistema, detto anche ?bibule? è sicuramente un’ottima alternativa alle ?classiche? cabine insonorizzate. Grazie alla comodità del wireless è l’ideale per sale di discrete dimensioni che godono di una buona acustica.
Il sistema di interpretazione simultanea portatile è costituito da un microfono trasmettitore e da un numero variabile di ricevitori che possono essere collocati all?interno di un?apposita e pratica valigia.
Its use is also quite simple: just turn on the devices and distribute them to listeners. Furthermore, given its simplicity, no particular technical skills are required. In essence, this system is ideal for urgent and unscheduled conferences.
Not to mention that it is the ideal solution if you want to hold the conference in the form of a guided tour. In fact, you will be able to move comfortably and communicate effectively with all your listeners.
If you are looking for a interpreter agency state-of-the-art able to provide you with the conference interpreter best suited to your needs contact us!
We at Congressi Internazionali are present both in Rome and in Milan, cities where we have successfully conducted hundreds of conferences and congresses.
Our strengths are the expertise and innovation that allow us to guarantee our customers a interpreting service flawless.
It doesn't matter what your sector is, for an idea to be successful nowadays it is necessary that it is communicated in the most suitable way. Not to mention that the current globalization is bringing different countries with different cultures both into contact and into competition. Different cultures also mean different languages but also different ways of thinking. Not to mention the fact that, depending on the industry, you also need to have some technical jargon.
Our task is precisely to provide you with the best all-round interpreting service: we will put you in touch with our best interpreters as well as take care of the technical aspects. We also want to guarantee you maximum comfort, in fact this is why we have both the standard interpretation booth, but also the most comfortable and innovative portable system.


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