Interpretariato nelle trattative: considerazioni chiave

Servizi di interpretariato nel processo di internazionalizzazioneprofessionale

For internationalize your business, it is good to know that success also passes through Interpreting services professional and linguistic mediation. Clearly also taking care of a localized presence of one's business abroad, therefore carrying out one localization of documents bureaucratic officers and contents multimedia in marketing.

In the corporate context increasingly aimed at conquering the foreign market, the success of any business and marketing strategy owes its potential to the communication factor. Each phase of negotiation or dialogue demands a clear, fluid and coherent communication with the different cultural and linguistic nuances.

In order to obtain a profitable and linear interaction, therefore the figure of mother tongue interpreters and translators and specialized in the sector of reference is fundamental. Just as the company has a very specific business sector, so too the linguist mediator must be chosen on the basis of his technical and terminological skills and knowledge, as well as social-cultural knowledge of the country of interest for the internationalization campaign to be implemented.

The translation of documents and contents

The role of the translator can be found in everything that mainly requires targeted and localized communication in written form. Starting from marketing translations, the company must offer the foreign final consumer its contents translated and transposed into the reference language. The translation of the website, for example, must be carried out taking into account the linguistic, graphic, semiotic adaptation and content so as to be understandable and accessible to the potential customer.

The definition and the stipulation of agreements and contracts it also provides for the intervention of professionals and linguists who provide a coherent and efficient multilingual service.

The contracts in question will also contain specific clauses valid for the country of destination. After being proposed to the counter party, they are usually discussed and dealt with in the negotiation and negotiation phase. For this reason, they follow business trips abroad which often require the presence and assistance of a native and/or bilingual interpreter.

The moment of negotiation and professional interpreting services

In the bargaining meeting, companies make use of professional interpreting services they can convey communications correctly between parties. Usually the team that travels for these business trips is relatively small. For this reason, the preference for the requested interpreting method falls on liaison interpreting and whispered interpreting.

The solution of Negotiation interpreting serves precisely to ensure a dialogue and a mainly dialog type of communication, specialized in negotiation. In this case, therefore, the negotiation interpreter supports the client by playing the cards of bilingual mediator expert in the relevant field.

In the case of whispered interpreting o chuchotage, the interpreter is called to transmit the message by whispering it in the ear of a small number of interlocutors.

The interpreting services mainly chosen for events of this type, limited and aimed at negotiating a certain degree of confidentiality and delicacy, do not include the simultaneous one - usually required instead for large events and conferences, where a turnout is expected greater number of participants and the presence of multilingual interpreters in soundproof booths.

Professional interpreters have a guarantor mastery of the foreign language very comprehensive and technical and a knowledge of foreign culture quite broad. In an inter linguistic communication, it is worth knowing the small linguistic-cultural nuances that can be hidden behind habits and customs typical of business etiquette.

Finally, we can conclude by saying that in order to succeed in the process of linguistic communication at an international level, in marketing and negotiation, it is important to rely on interpreting and translation services, so as to be able ensure engagement and gain credibility gives part of the target client.

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