Choose the best interpreting agency, we guarantee only the utmost professionalism.

Scegli la migliore agenzia di interpreti

An interpreter agency must be made up of professional and highly qualified interpreters. We at Congressi Internazionali guarantee only the utmost respect towards the interpreters we choose, selecting, thanks to our many years of experience, only situations in which the interpreter can be allowed to translate without obstacles.
In fact, in order to be able to interpret at best, the interpreter needs to feel comfortable in the environment in which he is located.
Do not be afraid! With us at International Congresses, the interpreter will never find himself in unpleasant circumstances, such as those described below.
Trust us then, trust us!

Our interpreting agency will always ensure you the ideal comfort.

As we have already anticipated, in the world of interpreting, unpleasant episodes can happen, for this very reason the work of interpreters is one of the most difficult jobs that exist: it requires exercise, commitment, sacrifices, timing, efficiency, terminology, translation in real time and breathing control, but above all PATIENCE!
So what are the episodes in front of which the interpreters found themselves displaced?
Some time ago, after the 88-82 defeat against Oostende, Gianmarco Pozzecco, current coach of Dinamo Sassari, made a series of laughable expressions towards the translator at the press conference.
But this is not the only episode!
Even Francesco Totti, the former captain of Roma, mocked the Dutch interpreter present in the room with him and Garcia during the translation of some answers from the same number 10. First he asked if he had said as many words as the interpreter was translating and then translate the Roman word 'dinci'.
Maurizio Sarri, Juventus coach, during the press conference that preceded the return match of the round of 32 of the Europa League between Leipzig and Naples in Germany, indulged in a nice little curtain with the translator from Italian to German, stating that he had not never uttered the last 5 minutes the interpreter translated.
Despite all the situations mentioned above, the interpreter's job is still a very stimulating and rewarding job.

So why choose our interpreting agency?

If the use of the translator is impervious and difficult, that of the interpreter is even more so.
Precisely for this reason, we try to ensure that all our interpreters and clients, in our interpreting agency, look towards an environment in which they can feel totally at ease, outside their usual comfort zone.
Small details count in our interpreting agency!
Therefore we choose our translators, our collaborators and our technicians only after a careful selection, to ensure the success of the event in an ineffable way.
We at Congressi Internazionali offer you the best translation and interpreting services by certified native speakers in the terminology used in your specific sector and with over five years of experience.
This is why we are the best in the field!
For any information, do not hesitate to contact us.
Request a free quote, it will be ready in just 30 minutes.
Choose the best interpreter agency, choose International Congresses.

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