Rome, capital of art and beauty, fairs and congresses: life-saving simultaneous interpreting!

Interpretariato simultaneo a Roma

Are you looking for services simultaneous interpreting in Rome? Then you are looking for us at International Congresses!

Our company of interpreters operates everywhere, throughout the national and international territory. We boast of an extensive network of native speaker interpreters, specialized in translation and interpreting.

We are always ready to offer simultaneous interpreting services for any eventuality. Just tell us what, how and when, and us we will provide you with all the necessary resources for your event to achieve the desired success and involvement!

Rome is the "lucky, invincible and eternal city". Goethe considered it the capital of the world, because "In this place the whole history of the world is reconnected”. The meeting place where cultures, ethnic groups and languages coexist under the same sky.

Headquarters in Italy for the most important political and public institutions, but also a reference center for the economy, commerce and tourism.

An concentrate of art and beauty, which attracts millions and millions of visitors from all over the world every year.

How many times will it happen to be the tourist by chance in Rome and to be overwhelmed by variety of cultures and nationalities that populate the metropolis on a daily basis? Or are you the owner of a hotel in the city center and having to interact with international tourists?

For every single trifle, communication is the basis of everything. The word, as well as gestures, is the main tool for communicating. And it is necessary that words are used in the right and thoughtful way.

Rome annually hosts a series of international congresses and fairs – Covid aside – which predict the migratory flow of foreigners from the main European cities.

If you are organizing or intend to organize an event in Rome, and you don't know who to contact to find a conference interpreter that suits you, or the interpreter you know is not available to provide simultaneous interpreting in Rome, no problem. We'll think about it.

International Congresses also gets to work in the capital.

Often our interpreting agency has worked for events, fairs, conferences and congresses, scheduled by numerous businesses and companies. Our customers greatly appreciated the success achieved by the events, thanks to the simultaneous interpreting service provided in Rome.

Our interpreters are carefully selected and trained for this kind of event. You don't have to (pre) take care of anything, we provide all the equipment and facilities necessary to obtain an impeccable service. Linguistic communication is a fundamental step to manage for the success of an international event, which involves multiple languages. In order for all participants to understand and understand clearly, everything must be up to the task. This means translation headphones and professional microphones, booths for interpreters to ensure maximum sound insulation.  

Come  event organization agency, Congressi Internazionali also makes available its incredible managerial skills to create the event you want. Studying together with you, we will find the most suitable solution for the event you want.

Competence, professionalism and attention to detail are the factors that distinguish us from the crowd. Make your event a guaranteed success and remain impressed in the minds of your guests! Make it magical and eternal, just like Rome!

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