The international congresses start again


Find out how our team is ready to organize congresses after the lockdown

Con la riapertura di tutte le principali attività economiche, anche l?organization of congresses is ready to leave.

The months of rest that we are leaving behind have represented a useful opportunity to rethink the activity with a view to the future that awaits us: restrictions and limitations will not represent a brake on the activities, but only new circumstances in which to operate guaranteeing safety and professionalism as always.

And on the other hand, large sectors of the economy revolve around the organization of congresses: from that of operators and professionals directly involved, to the broader and more transversal world of congress tourism. Maximum attention therefore, to restart a machine that is ready to put the numerous resources left on standby in recent months back into circulation.

How to restart the congresses immediately

While many sectors are still imagining the restart after the block imposed by the lockdown, we at international congresses are ready to start again.

All of this is possible thanks to a solid organization, which was able to implement and equip itself in a short time with the provisions of the new anti-covid provisions.

From now on, in fact, the rules to follow in the organization and in the holding of congresses. The behaviors to be adopted are changing, but so are the equipment that must be provided to always offer maximum safety for guests and technical staff.

Interchangeable microphone covers, constant sanitizing procedures of the rooms and surfaces, temperature measurement at the entrance, protective sanitary devices, are just some of the conditions for operating in safety. Aspects that are intended to be a constant in the organization, and of which the international congress team is already ready to take charge without this being a problem for guests and organizers.

Our staff is in fact prepared, thanks to special training courses, to operate in full compliance with the new regulations and, above all, to ensure that the events can be conducted, respecting the rules and the need for safety that must be offered to the participants, hosting facilities included.

So if you still have doubts about how to organize the next congress appointment, do not hesitate to contact us. The international congress team will show you in detail how it is possible to restart, immediately and in total safety, with the levels of excellence to which we are accustomed.

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