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Choose a good service Liaison interpreting in Turin, is fundamental: in fact it is a city with a thousand faces. Ancient Savoy capital, cradle of the Risorgimento, capital of industry, city of art and culture, pole of innovation. With its immense heritage still steeped in history, and the dynamism of a city open to the world, the Piedmontese capital allows you to see a perfect combination of art, architecture, entertainment, lots of good food, internationally renowned events, such as the Book Fair , that of Taste and the Turin Film Festival.

In short, the Piedmontese capital presents itself as a city with a unique charm, where emperors have passed, kingdoms have been born, where power has left indelible marks.

We at International Congresses offer the Negotiation interpreting better then Turin, as well as a great variety of interpreting and translation services.


Relying on an agency means not choosing the wrong interpreter.

In fact, sometimes the job goes to someone unqualified to be a liaison interpreter and the consequences can be dire.

This was the case with Mexican President Felipe Calderon's visit to the White House in 2010, when he addressed President Barack Obama about US immigration policy and legislation.

In Spanish, Calderon's comments were clear as he spoke of the common values and principles that united the United States and Mexico. A grammatically incoherent English interpretation by the Mexican interpreter followed. The interpretation was so difficult to understand that the American delegation decided to use a written translation instead. The Mexican delegation therefore blamed their interpreter and from that moment on President Calderon decided to speak in English until another interpreter joined his team in Ottawa where his journey continued.

The Mexican government claimed that the interpreter had been given the presidential delegation, but some sources say that this individual would never have interpreted regularly for the president.


So you play superheroes? More realistically, actors who, much more often than one might imagine, with their choices, moves, omissions and inclusions have often changed the history of the world, even helping to complete some negotiations.
But to have an excellent liaison interpreting service in Turin you must (without a doubt) rely on a well-prepared and qualified agency, like ours: Congressi Internazionali is in fact able to put the most disparate realities in communication, thanks to our negotiation in Turin and all the other interpreting services available, from and into more than 200 languages, during the most diverse occasions (meetings, fairs, events, congresses, international conferences…)
The hard work and commitment of our interpreters, technicians and collaborators allow us to carry out a unique service of its kind throughout the Italian territory, thus making us the best in the field: which makes us deeply proud.
So what are you waiting for to choose us?
Choose the best in the sector, choose us, choose International Congresses.

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