Every self-respecting interpreter agency was born with a precise objective: to promote linguistic communication between people or groups of people of different languages, nationalities and cultures.

Being unable to communicate makes the dissemination of ideas, thoughts and intentions problematic: an agency of interpreters lo sa bene and undertakes, with all its strength and resources, to remove those obstacles that prevent communication, interaction and dialogue between people and countries.


On occasions like congresses, conferences, conventions, public or private events involving the presence of speakers of different languages, interpreters represent the fulcrum of immediate and effective communication, free of annoying language barriers.

To ensure that the exchange of information takes place in a clear manner, in these cases the presence of a mediator/interpreter is required who, in addition to making dialogue between the parties possible, possesses and knows how to implement linguistic and cultural skills, a good knowledge of the techniques and forms of communication, of the specialist terminology required and excellent interaction skills.


Congressi Internazionali has been supplying for more than ten years, translation services and interpreting throughout the national territory, in all languages, for different language combinations and different types of requests.

Thanks to our network of highly qualified professional mother-tongue translators and interpreters, members of the most well-known national and international trade associations, with technical skills in various areas of specialization, our interpreter agency is able to offer a certified and guaranteed service at all times.

We put at your disposal the best interpreters for congresses, conferences, meetings, political meetings, major events, technical interpreting, negotiation interpreting for trade fairs, multilingual interpreting for international seminars, spokespersons in M&A operations, interpreters for foreign guests in press conferences.

Choose yours translation service or interpreting and contact us!

We will take care of every aspect of your event, from the audio-video technical equipment to the selection of the best profiles of translators or interpreters, hostesses/stewards.

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