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Rome can be considered par excellence as one of the "cradles" of our modern civilization. We can still see around us so much of ancient Rome. We have his ruins, but we also have his inventions, among the most famous we find the aqueducts and the arch, understood as an architectural element. Not to mention our language: the Latin spoken in ancient Rome has given rise, over the years, to numerous other idioms. Its closest relative is undoubtedly Italian, but other languages also share its grammar.
The problem is that by now these languages are profoundly different from each other, and this leads to communication problems. Especially in today's Rome, a continuous crossroads of commercial and cultural exchanges.
Are you working in this amazing city and want to be able to communicate better with your partners? The only solution is to turn to the best interpreters in Rome.

The best opportunities only thanks to the best interpreting service in Rome.

As we have seen above, Rome is able to offer all sorts of opportunities. From numerous specialist medicine congresses to sporting events of all sorts. Art, music, culture and last but not least institutional commitments. Being the capital, Rome has been the scene of numerous events that have profoundly shaped not only Italy, but also Europe. First of all, the European Convention for the Protection of Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms signed in 1950. 13 different states took part, each representing a different culture from the others. If all this was possible, it is also due to the precious work carried out by the interpreters, who not only translated, but provided "to interpret".
Interpreting means first of all knowing how to grasp linguistic and technical nuances at the same time. Common everyday language is one thing, but technical jargon, which varies profoundly from sector to sector, is quite another. For example, the technical jargon used in diplomatic events is completely different from the jargon used in specialized medicine or architecture. This is regardless of the language in which they are expressed. All the more reason, if the event sees the participation of different languages, the situation becomes more complicated.
The task of Congressi Internazionali is to find the best interpreter in Rome that best suits your needs. With more than 250 events to its credit, ours is a 360° communication service: deep knowledge of the various languages and deep knowledge of the specific sector. These factors are complementary and are the main ingredient of effective communication. Any event needs organization and the latter is made possible only with communication. By communicating effectively, it is possible to coordinate and therefore achieve the final goal. The better you can communicate with your partners, the more likely you are to achieve the ultimate goal.
Our society changes rapidly and one of the requirements to keep up with the times is to have excellent communication. Furthermore, thanks to the contribution of the Internet, it has never been easier to break down physical barriers to bring different cultures into contact in real time. There are now numerous conferences and conventions that see the participation of some speakers via webcam. Therefore, if you are looking for the best interpreting service in Rome, do not hesitate to contact us at International Congresses: in this city we have already successfully conducted over 250 events and the next one could just be yours.


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