Noleggio attrezzature per un’interpretazione impeccabile

Organizzazione congressi e organizzazione conventi con noleggio attrezzature per interpretariato

The organization of congresses and international conferences requires focused planning aimed at achieving corporate objectives. There are many variables and aspects to take care of and manage, together with economic and personnel resources. 

Congressi Internazionali is an agency specialized in organizing international conferences and events, precisely with the aim of helping SMEs and multinationals from all over the world to better plan their commercial and diplomatic engagements.

We know how demanding the work of planning and organizing conferences can be, given the amount of factors to consider.

A team of professionals at your side will know how, what, where and when it is most suitable and in line with your requests. Relying on experts both for the management of the event itself and for specific services is sometimes not only recommended, but inevitable.

When organizing a conference, elements such as coordination of the activities envisaged for the event, location research and booking, and management of logistics, transport and rental of interpreting equipment.

Depending on the objective and the nature of the event itself, it will therefore be necessary to study the best solutions so that everything goes smoothly and in port. For example, as far as interpreting services are concerned, Congressi Internazionali offers the possibility of choosing between different face-to-face interpreting methods, from simultaneous to consecutive to whispered.

The event agency will be able to satisfy all requests relating to simultaneous translation and interpreting services following the entire organization of the multilingual congress. Making use of professional interpreters specialized in various types of interpreting, with many years of experience in the field and with specialized training in the sector of competence, International Congresses is the solution for obtaining a high quality event and impeccable organization.

Interpreting for events is a service of fundamental importance for those who find themselves communicating with foreign delegates and interlocutors. Therefore, in an international context, knowing the other language and culture is essential in order not to cancel the event and make the interaction between the parties ineffective. The work of interpreting goes from listening to interpretation and decoding, to re-interpretation and re-coding, to transposition into language.

An event can be said to be successful only if it is able to leave a pleasant and positive memory in the minds of the participants.

International congresses was born as an agency for the rental of equipment for simultaneous interpreting. For the simultaneous interpreting services offered, we select highly qualified and trained personnel, while providing cutting-edge equipment that lives up to expectations. The soundproof booths allow total isolation of the simultaneous interpreter – an interpreting method that is well suited to medium-large institutional congresses and conventions. For consecutive interpreting – generally for events of shorter duration, such as bargaining and negotiation – we rely on technical supports such as headsets. Everything is established according to the wishes and objectives of the client, with whom potential alternatives are studied and the choice of more valid.

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