Hassle-free events: agency with expert equipment and interpreters

Organization of congresses and conferences: when your agency provides you with everything, from equipment to interpreters

The organization of international congresses and conferences requires a great synergy of activities and services. Calibrating every single step means planning the whole organizational process in detail and with great attention.

Companies know well how much organizing an event can be synonymous with commitment and effort on the part of all company members and external subjects. Behind the success of an event lies a busy and well-studied program and synchronicity. For this reason, companies often turn to professional agencies specialized in organizing events.

This is not only a saving of energy and time, but also a significant saving on the company budget. Not knowing how to move, how to find the perfect solution for your event and your goal can be to the detriment of your business. Finding a suitable location, hiring equipment and hiring external technical professionals can be even more difficult when you do not have a comprehensive network of contacts and contacts.

Organizing an international congress also means providing for the presence of expert linguist interpreters and the installation of interpreting equipment. The location, in this case, must have specification and characteristics that allow the provision of specialized services and the effectiveness of the event itself.

A small location could affect the quality and feasibility of the interpreting service, made necessary by the participation of international entities. Generally a good location is evaluated on the basis of standard criteria, such as size, accessibility, prestige.

The place designated for the event acquires value when it is easily accessible for participants, speakers, organizers and interpreters from all over the world. It happens differently when this factor is underestimated or ignored. In order to obtain optimal results, the event must guarantee maximum coverage and accessibility, in terms of general participation. An average participant, even if interested in participating in the event, may feel reluctant to participate in the face of logistical-technical or temporal and economic problems.

And again, if the event does not have all the necessary measures to be accessible and understandable to all, it would obtain less participation and engagement.

The intervention of professional interpreters specialized in simultaneous translation is therefore an element that must be included for the organization of international congresses and conferences. The service of congress interpreters it is generally required for large events, when the location allows the installation of equipment for simultaneous interpreting.

Simultaneous translation, or better yet simultaneous interpreting, is a service provided mainly for large events, for which a high number of participants is expected. Specifically, it includes the rental of professional and specific interpreting equipment and the intervention of two or more professional interpreters.

The International Congress agency specializing in equipment rental and interpreting services follows the entire process of organization of congresses and international conferences for its clients. Its purpose is to accompany and simplify the event organization process, leveraging its know-how, the skills acquired over the years of experience, and the resources of its network.

Relying on International Congresses means turning to an agency that can organize and monitor all aspects and phases of an event, from rental of interpreting equipment at the interpreting service in search of the location.

Congressi Internazionali works alongside the customer and studies together with him the most coherent and suitable solution for his business and objective, keeping him updated on all the news in the field and current trends.

In this regard, just a week ago, in the Salone dei Cinquecento in Palazzo Vecchio in Florence, the fifth edition of the Florence Ambassador Award was held, promoted by the municipality of Florence and supported by the Chamber of Commerce, Industry, Crafts and Agriculture, in collaboration with the Destination Florence Convention and Visitors Bureau, Firenze Fiera Congress and Exhibition Center.

The event placed the spotlight on the Florentine meeting industry, together with its protagonists and highly successful personalities, subdued following the pandemic crisis. 33 are the names of the professional and academic world that have been awarded for their commitment in favoring the acquisition of congresses and events. In addition to the many events already scheduled, there are 11 congresses acquired in the last period to be completed by 2027, for a turnover of over 27 million euros.

Florence reconfirms itself as one of the major cities promoted and preferred for the organization of international congresses and conferences, due to its historical, cultural and commercial-economic character. The image of a city that is also a high-level congress destination.

Precisely considering the scope and value that the Tuscan capital has held for decades for hosting congresses and conferences, Congressi Internazionali is present as an equipment rental agency and interpreter service for congresses throughout the region.

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