Organization of congresses after the lockdown?

Organization of congresses after the lockdown?

With the Dpcm of August 7, congresses and events are back to the rescue from the beginning of September. The sector in Italy is very popular, with more than 550,000 workers in the sector, who following the Covid19 emergency is going through a major crisis: between 60% and 80% of events and congresses have been canceled due to the lockdown.

According to the research "The impact of Covid-19 on the Italian meeting industry: the perspective of event and congress venues”, created by the High School of Economics and International Relations of the Catholic University of the Sacred Heart (Aseri) in collaboration with Federcongressi&eventi, the lockdown in the sector due to the pandemic has, as you might expect, caused the cancellation of a very large number of events and congresses high. According to one estimate, around 215,000 events have been cancelled.

The sector has been closed for 6 months and, hoping the cases of contagion from Covid19, can finally regain oxygen. Organization of events and congresses generates an income of almost 65 billion euros, with a direct impact on GDP of more than 36 billion euros annually (Italy ranks sixth in the world for economic impact generated by the events and congresses sector) and which employs almost 570 thousand workers.

The  Organization of events and congresses it is a sector that brings tourism to Italy, ensures hotel occupancy even in the low season (and of hotels in art cities currently in crisis), promotes Italy's image abroad and which involves an entire supply chain ( hotels, conference centres, organizing agencies, transport companies, catering and technical service companies).

The reopening will take place according to the protocols established in the "Guidelines for the reopening of Economic, Productive and Recreational Activities” approved by the Conference of Regions and Autonomous Provinces”. The protocols do not limit the number of participants as long as interpersonal distancing is guaranteed; to guarantee the organization of events despite the safety conditions to be followed currently, we at Congressi Internazionali we offer the possibility of organize events with unlimited participants and with service Remote interpretingusing the platform Rafiky.

Organizing events such as seminars, meetings, round tables is a great way to spread culture and expand one's knowledge. If you want to organize a successful event, with trained interpreters and specialized technicians, Congressi Internazionali also offers the possibility to use a hybrid system, allowing the presence of guests both online and offline. Contact us to create your successful event together.


Cristian Crivello

Rafiky Press Office

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