Organizing events with International Congresses: Complete guide

Organize virtual events with International Congresses

Organize virtual events with International Congresses it is an excellent alternative to face-to-face events following the directives of the last Prime Ministerial Decree of 13 and 18 October.
According to them, in fact, any type of face-to-face event will be prohibited, including seminars, conferences, large company meetings and so on.

The data table on the nuova ondata di Covid-19 speak clearly: we need to resort to strategies to contain infections, in order not to risk finding ourselves in a second lockdown. The cases continue to increase, therefore it becomes necessary to place limitations on all those types of daily activities that require the presence of people, closed for some time in the same room, within which the risk of transmission of the virus rises considerably.

Despite this, the need to share information and training cannot be stopped, which are the basis of company growth, the sharing of ideas and individual growth. What remedy exists for the situation?

Simple:  organize virtual events with International Congresses

We of Congressi Internazionali we already know how to meet you: by combining the preparation of our technicians and specific strategies, organize online events it will be child's play. We have already been prepared for the need for organizing events after the lockdown, which required several countermeasures to be taken to maintain distancing between guests. We have come up with our innovative Hybrid system, which has met with great success (such as we could see) among our customers, unable to organize an event without risking violating some rule imposed by the government.

Thanks to the collaboration with the remote interpreting platform Rafiky, equipping ourselves for the success of virtual events was much simpler: a well-prepared team of technicians, interpreters and organizational staff made it possible to set up rooms in person and virtual at the same time. A similar solution has led a much greater number of guests to participate in the event, in "safer" conditions, for themselves and for the guests in attendance.

How to organize an event after the last DPCM?

This is the question our customers are asking themselves now. After proposing solutions to the organization of events with social distancing, we want to take the organize virtual events with International Congresses.

As? By allowing our customers the organization of events with unlimited participants.
The preparation of our team, in collaboration with superior quality software, will in fact allow all your guests to be able to comfortably follow your event, in Italian or in more than 60 possible languages. We must not forget that  organize virtual events with International Congresses means to rely on best remote interpreting agency in the industry!

After the last Prime Ministerial Decree, unfortunately, there will be no physical contact with the public, with the speakers, with the customers themselves. Organize a virtual event it will require much more patience, as well as the doubt of not being able to captivate your audience enough, due to the barrier imposed by a PC screen.
Therefore, rely on professionals: many years of experience, passion and know-how make Congressi Internazionali a reference company in the sector. Together, we will follow the organization of your virtual event from invitations, to participation, to post-event follow-up, for an experience that will remain embedded in the hearts of your guests.

Contact us now, together we will organize the virtual event your company needs. 

Cristian Lorenzo Crivello
International Congresses Press Office

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