Organize events with interpreters: from equipment rental to the choice of professional figures

Organizzare un evento con interpreti

Organize events with interpreters It looks difficult? Ladies and gentlemen, we are here today to leave you a simple guideline on the organization of an international event: from the preliminary phase to the intermediate phase to the executive phase.

If it is part of your company's plans to organize events with interpreters and you don't know how to get around to it, this article offers to underline which aspects and tasks should be paid the most attention to.

Planning an event means identifying in a preventive and thoughtful way the tools and elements that can allow it to be successful.

This includes some of the basic steps, such as preparing an action plan and program outline, arranging guest registration and attendance, setting a goal and initial budget, choosing the location and selecting a number of additional services, such as catering or interpreting services.

It is clear that if the event involves the participation of people of different nationalities and who therefore speak different languages, what concerns most of all is to guarantee homogeneous and linear communication for everyone. Organizing events with in-person interpreters can therefore require even more attention to detail.

The preliminary phase anticipates the analysis of the entire scenario, i.e. of the subject (the issuer's role - in this case you or your company), the object of the event (the theme you intend to present) and the public . We then continue with the development of an estimate, a company budget with which we intend to bear the costs of the entire organization and management of the event. The budget is often crucial in planning an event: every detail, every single factor can affect the initial budget.

Then we deal with the identification of the location. It should be remembered that the location must respect the needs of the subject and the public, as well as the object. Depending on the nature of the event itself, the location must present more or less characteristics, as long as it remains in line with the initial project and with its brand identity. Given the international scope of the event, a good location must be easily accessible (also and above all by public transport), equipped and equipped with the necessary space to accommodate the designated number of guests and the technical equipment for interpreting.

After carrying out a thorough inspection of the location, checking its equipment and the sound system, then you can be sure that, thanks to the equipment rental for professional simultaneous translation, booths and headsets for interpreters, it will be possible to convey the message to all the participants present in loco.

The organizational aspects of the first phase also include the transfer and prior booking at the hotel for the stay of the interpreters called to report for the event, the transport and the rental of technical equipment.

The second phase involves the preparation of invitations, business cards, paper and digital materials to support the event. The intermediate phase also deals with the processing of emails and the definition of a graphic line to follow for the entire project. Only the preliminary phase and the intermediate phase can kick off the executive phase in which the technical-logistical aspects prior to the implementation of the event itself are finally managed.

An international event owes its success to the attention, thoughtfulness and precision with which the above phases are followed. Each step and element is essential for the success of a good event. We know how time consuming and complicated the preparation of an event can be.

For this there are International Congresses. We are a company specialized in simultaneous translation services and rental of interpreting audio systems. We have been in the business for over twenty years, and we have always strived to support our customers by meeting their needs and exceeding their expectations.

What we offer is an all-round type of consultancy and service, from the conception to the final phase of the event. In addition to organizing the entire event and renting equipment for simultaneous translation, Congressi Internazionali offers the possibility of choosing the interpreters who can best meet your requests. Based on the number of language combinations provided and the number of guests, we will be happy to help you find the most suitable solution for your event!

Well then, ladies and gentlemen, let the curtain rise.

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