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A new interpreting service Neighbor Venice, has been activated for people who are deaf or who don't know the Italian language. 

 Trying this for the first time interpreting service a Venice, were various hospitals, such as Ulss 4 in Eastern Veneto for the first and currently being tested in Ulss 2 Marca Trevigiana, 3 Serenissima, 5 Polesana and in the Oncological Institute which aims to give access to all services, wards without having to be accompanied by companions or relatives who know the sign language or the patient's mother tongue. 

To activate the service, young interpreters from Ca' Foscari in Venice were chosen, one of the best universities in Italy, renowned throughout the world for the linguistic services it offers. 

The video interpreted in sign language was part of a project that had already started in 2018, as the health councilor Manuela Lanzarin clearly explained, and which should have been taken note of between 2018 and 2020. 


Thus patients who speak a foreign language or find themselves in difficulty, because they are deaf, can finally have their own treatment. 

Sign language and foreign language interpreters are available 24/7. 

 Just one call away! 

Many tablets have been distributed to the various hospitals to make patients can easily access them. 

It is aimed at all hospital wards, at all services and at all times in which patients find themselves in difficulty with languages. 

Once again the interpreting service proves capable of facing new challenges, such as the one we are fighting in this current situation. 

But, if you are looking for the best interpreting service in Venice, International Congresses has what you need. 


Thanks to the experience of more than ten years of our team of experts, we guarantee an excellent service in every aspect: we select only the best interpreter profiles, who must have at least 5 years of experience behind them, native speakers, we choose the best linguistic technologies and offer full coverage for more than 200 languages. 

We operate throughout the Italian territory. 

Only we guarantee you the best interpreting service in Venice, whatever type of interpreting you are looking for! 

For this reason, even today, we are chosen by many companies throughout Italy, as well as throughout Europe and we can boast of our collaboration with prestigious companies. 

We also always try to keep up with new technologies, especially in the circumstances we find ourselves in at the moment. 

We are proud to have created a united team, capable of completing all events with reliability, transparency, collaboration, but above all passion, which is what characterizes us. 

So what are you waiting for to choose us? Request a free quote and it will be ready in 30 minutes. 

Choose your interpreting agency, choose the best in the field, choose us, choose International Congresses. 

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