Equipment rental for simultaneous interpreters: everything you need to know

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The simultaneous equipment rental it is a fundamental step if you are organizing an event that involves the intervention of guests who speak different languages. It doesn't matter if it's a large or small meeting as unprofessional audio affects the whole translation process. With the rental of interpreting equipment of low quality the interpreter will not hear well the dialogue to be translated and, consequently, the individual participants will not receive a professional service.

From this it can be understood that the translation system rental it must not be taken lightly, on the contrary it must be considered among the first aspects when deciding to create an important event because the excellent success of the same depends on this. 

Specifically, the following basic devices are needed for simultaneous translation:s 

  • Soundproof booths where the interpreters will be positioned to perform their work in the best possible way;
  • Microphones, to capture the voice and transmit it to both individual participants and translators;
  • Headphones, which allow everyone to hear the message in their own language and let the interpreter get the concepts to be translated.

The rental of interpreting equipment it can consist of this essential kit or be enriched with additional tools to make the translation more professional. In any case, however, in addition to the equipment, it is always better to think of hiring a professional too: a technician who will take care of the assembly and correct functioning of all the devices.

Simultaneous translation rental: new COVID19 provisions

With the COVID19 emergency which has affected the whole world in recent months, the rules on the rental of interpreting equipment they have undergone a change. It is necessary to configure the system in a different way and to comply with certain requirements which could increase costs. 

Specifically, currently, a simultaneous equipment rental must provide that: interpreters occupy different booths to reduce contact to a minimum, headphones are disposable and the handle and sponge in microphones can be replaced after each use. Furthermore, it is necessary to purchase kits to sanitize the material and the receivers must be packaged in sealed plastic blisters and placed directly on the individual seats of the guests, which will be spaced about one meter apart; there will no longer be hostesses to distribute them.

Problems with the translation system rental? With Rafiky everything is easier

The simultaneous translation hire, especially in this period of health emergency, it could become difficult to manage and lead to an increase in the costs of the event. Rafiki can offer a solution: it is an app that allows real-time translation with high-quality audio and video. Each guest participating in the event must have only one device capable of connecting to the internet, such as a smartphone, tablet or PC, and personal or disposable headphones. In this way it will be possible to have an interpreting service without the simultaneous equipment rental with a result, however, equal to that given by a high quality system. 

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