Interpreting equipment rental for events: getting organized after the pandemic

noleggio attrezzatura per interpretariato

One thing is certain: to have an impeccable interpreting service, the rental of interpreting equipment is necessary.

In the hypothesis of an international event, what you will have to include in the organization will be the linguistic mediation and interpreting activities. Depending on the size of the event, you will opt for one mode over the other. In the case of small events (such as negotiation tables or business meetings) it is generally possible to opt for consecutive or whispered interpreting. In these two cases, you will not need to deal with the rental of interpreting devices or technical equipment, since the interpreter would be physically close to the speaker and the audience, sitting or standing.

What always works with the rental of devices for simultaneous interpreters

In the most welcome and requested alternative instead of simultaneous interpreting, the interpreters in charge of mediating and transposing the speaker's message in real time must rely on some specific equipment. Firstly, the soundproofing must be guaranteed through the use of soundproof booths. Conference interpreters work in mobile booths, with which they enjoy a direct view and without interruptions in the performance of the work in the room. Soundproof booths are installed in advance, together with consoles, microphones and headphones, so as to allow interpreters to verify their functionality and validity before the event begins. Through professional equipment such as this, the interpreter can perfectly listen to what the speaker has just said, and simultaneously reproduce the translation into the language through the use of the microphone. The listeners, also equipped with headphones, will be able to listen directly to the translation of the message displayed, without connection problems or line interruptions. The rental of the simultaneous translation system proves useful in case it has to rendere l’evento accessibile e comprensibile a tutti. Un team di tecnici specializzati supports the interpreters for the entire duration of the event, in case of any emergencies.

Participants in the event will not find any kind of obstacle, thanks to the traditional equipment for interpreting. Leaning on a digital infrared simultaneous interpretation system, we are able to transmit high quality audio, while allowing freedom of movement.

Congressi Internazionali was born as an events agency, and specializes in interpreting services to be provided to residential events of international scope. We know how challenging it can be to organize a large event from scratch. For this reason, we take care of everything. We have a pool of experts in the events sector, ready to study with you the most suitable solution for the type of event you intend to organize. Our interpreters are distinguished by the professionalism and for the competence acquired over the years of experience in the field. We ensure maximum yield and maximum success for your event. We only choose thems most advanced technical equipment available in the field. We even offer an even more practical and "comfortable" solution compared to classic digital translation systems: there is the possibility of renting portable interpreting equipment. The pocket version, like the contraption, is extremely practical, as well as economical, while maintaining a high quality of sound transmission. As a rule, this method is adopted for company visits or museum tours.

If you don't know which solution best suits the kind of event you intend to organize, don't hesitate to contact us!

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