The importance of telephone interpreting: never without it

Interpretariato telefonico per eventi di media lunghezza

Among the file of services that Congressi Internazionali offers, it is possible to favor also that of telephone interpreting.

In recent months we have been bombarded with terms such as remote interpreting, linking it (only?) to video conferencing remotely. In reality, what is hidden behind a remote interpreting service is a much wider world. For the interpreting agencies that deal with it, the telephone interpreting service is a surplus which can make a difference. A trump card smart. It is truly a "gem" for mediation and interpreting activities.

How does telephone interpreting work?

Australia, 1973: this practice was born with the intention of promoting communication with the growing presence of immigrants.

Italia, 2020: The "Coronavirus Call Center in 21 languages" is a multilingual service made available to all citizens located in Italy. It envisaged that the recommendations of the Ministry of Health would come to sensitize all the foreign communities inherent in Italy, in the protection of their health.

These two examples demonstrate the rapid spread of IT in different fields and countries, who share a common interest in equal access to public services in a multicultural and multi-ethnic society.

E cosa fa l’telephone interpreting? Generalmente si sviluppa intorno alla conversazione tra due persone – raramente più di due. Molto utilizzato nel filed of sanitary, takes more volume in that too legal and corporate

Causes that in the attempt of communication between two people of different nationality, one is secured comprehension total and mutual. What is said during a job call is translated into the target language through a "question and response", performed by the interpreter. In fact, the latter interposes itself between the counterparties, connecting via their telephone or any other telecommunications tool.

It is possible that the interpreter is connected remotely, or that he is at the side of one of the interlocutors. It depends on the type of call you intend to make, and therefore also on the time available to organize it. Anyway, among the options to work in negotiation or in consecutive bidirectional, the second mode is generally preferred – although both can be used interchangeably.

The interpreter therefore listens to the first interlocutor, taking notes "the old-fashioned way" on pen and paper, waits for him to finish exposing and translates into the language of the second interlocutor.

When to use it?

A tool like this is especially useful in case you have need to clarify immediately misunderstandings that arose from a long and ambiguous exchange of work e-mails. If you wish to present your products to potential foreign customers and launch your business towards internationalization, Congressi Internazionali provides you with commercial telephone interpreting. Or if you urgently need to follow bureaucratic matters abroad, our interpreters will be ready to connect last-minute in no time at all.

The interpreter “on the phone” transposes into language for interventions and medium-length conversations, mainly in the commercial and corporate sphere or for interviews with people residing abroad. During a commercial or business negotiation call with Chinese representatives, calling on an interpreter by telephone can be decisive and advantageous, without prejudice to the possible time zone.

The company has the ability to save costs of travel and transfer of the interpreters themselves, as well as about the times of organizing the same journey. Telephone interpreting lends itself very well to medium-sized events, which require quick organization and a high professional quality of linguistic mediation. The ability of a telephone interpreter lies in his promptness of response and in his concentrations, occasionally disturbed by poor connection or background noise.

Finally, this type of service can be an optimal solution in cases where you are in a city or place, where you do not know of available interpreters for the language of your interest.

The pool of professional interpreters available to International Congresses covers one wide range of languages and extends to the whole national territory. In a sense, it is a guaranteed tool 24 hours on 24, regardless of your network of interpreters or your distance.

International Congresses would like to underline the attention and quality of our operators: nothing is more important to us than safeguarding your history and maintaining your partnerships.

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