Remote interpreting, the three main doubts of companies looking for an interpreter

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Year 2021, remote interpreting is now confirmed as one of the most revolutionary and cutting-edge services of the historical period in which we live.

The launch of a company grappling with increasingly massive digitization has certainly facilitated its performance and its role.

Yet there are still those who have doubts about the digital world in general and about effectiveness of remote interpreting

The emancipation of certain sectors and services towards a more technological, modern and visionary way can certainly be frightening and perplexing. In the linguistic field, many translation and interpreting agencies have seen incredible potential in digital technology – not so much a way to keep up with the times as anticipating them. An innovative service, which does not save on professionalism and quality.

Congressi Internazionali was born and specialized in interpreting and in the rental of equipment for face-to-face interpreting. But, with the intention of satisfying the needs and responding to the requests of its customers, it has also decided to invest in two of the most used and requested remote interpreting services. Telephone interpreting, an always up-to-date and effective service. And the most "modern" interpreted video.

Until now we have only ever been used to imagining face-to-face interpreting. But today we also hear about remote interpreting on a daily basis. During the pandemic, translation and interpreting agencies and those in the events sector had to find a solution that would allow them not to block their activities. It was in this period that remote interpreting underwent a significant acceleration.

Whether it was online or in person, most of the meetings and events held by companies, given their international reach, continued to require the presence and intervention of mediators and professional interpreters. This is the reason why more and more interpreters are specializing in remote interpreting.

The advantages of remote interpreting

Contrary to what one might believe, relying on the work of online interpreters is characterized by numerous positive sides.

Save more than 60% with remote interpreting

However, some companies still believe that choosing a smart and technological solution is very expensive in economic terms. It may seem incredible, but according to national analyzes and estimates, using a remote interpreting service allows you to save up to 80% of the company budget. This saving is certainly affected by the drastic cuts which can be done on: location research and rental, preparation and printing of paper materials, food and movement of simultaneous interpreters, rental and transport of interpreting equipment.

The flexibility of the online event

The digital solution also allows for some flexibility. How many times can an unexpected event occur, a setback that could lead the company to suspend, postpone or completely cancel the scheduled event. Which would result in wasted time and money. Fortunately, the online event is not affected by these problems. The very nature of a virtual event is to be flexible and “open” to change last-minute. Any hitch or short notice will certainly not affect the effectiveness and proactivity of the virtual event. Online interpreters are always ready to respond to any eventuality and provide service.

The variety of online interpreters

Companies finally believe that the looking for an interpreter remote is more difficult than looking for a presence interpreter. Paradoxically, it could very well be the other way around. Think about it for a moment. You are organizing a conference in a lovely village away from big metropolitan cities and commercial areas. Traveling and especially the search for interpreters available in neighboring areas could be rather complicated and in vain. A telephone interpreter or a video interpreter instead he doesn't necessarily have to travel to reach the location designated for the event.

Beyond the purely economic question, the logistical aspect it is one of the aspects that most intrigue companies. Not only is there the possibility of organizing an event, without far in advance, at any time, in any place, but you can even choose the most qualified and suitable professional to your own kind of event, without having to pay attention to logistical reasons.

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