L’evoluzione delle apparecchiature per i servizi di interpretariato

L'evoluzione delle apparecchiature per i servizi di interpretariato per congressi e conferenze

The Interpreting services they have been experiencing for some time now a phase of evolution in step with the times. Modern society searches in the world of technology and the virtual increasingly practical and modern solutions, without corrupting the quality and functionality of the services sought.

Even the world of simultaneous interpreting and translation is dealing with a society that is increasingly demanding and attentive to simplicity. Until about two years ago, many used to identify more flaws than advantages in technology. Considered unreliable, far from the traditional method, negligible.

The pandemic has been a litmus test. And a moment to reconsider. Against – or maybe not – all expectations, companies and industry professionals have highlighted in technology great potential. The solutions smart, digital and virtual, under lockdown, have literally saved the lives and businesses of many companies.

Organizing an event was no longer a problem, even given the restrictions and limitations on travel and gatherings due to Covid-19. It was enough to organize your event on one of the main web conferencing platforms, provide the data for accessing the event link and start the conference remotely, "in front" of hundreds of connected users.s

The way to resume events, meet up with colleagues, build a new network of international contacts, has been granted by the technology of the latest communication and connection tools.

With the reopening and return to normality, the event organization sector has seen an exponential growth in demand for face-to-face events. Not only the organizers and participants, but also the simultaneous interpreters and translators, thrilled with the desire to go back to work and take part in international events in loco. Under lock down, interpreters provided remote interpreting services, relying on their own device and accessories. Without being able to use the equipment for face-to-face interpreters.

This is because the event in presence is a source of pride for the organizers, a moment of leisure and interest for the participants, an opportunity for growth for the interpreters. Participating in an event in presence means being able to travel, visit new cities and cross borders, approach a new culture, forge new collaborative and business relationships.

However, what the "stalemate" period taught us was to: re-discover the advantages that the technological world can offer and re-evaluate priorities or consider alternatives to the event in presence, if not necessary.

This means understanding whether a given event actually needs to be held in attendance, or whether it is possible to organize it online. Or with hybrid mode.

Another of the innovations in the interpreting sector brings it to the field of International Congresses, in collaboration with one of the most widespread web conferencing platforms, Rafiky. The proposal consists in organizing an event in presence, but without having to resort to the rental and installation of interpreter equipment.

In fact, the distinctive and revolutionary element here is Rafiky's contribution: interpreters can provide simultaneous translations through the Rafiky app. The participants in the room use their own telephone and headphones to receive the translation processed by the simultaneous interpreter in real time.

Without specific equipment, the organizers of the event will not only be able to save between 40% and 60% on the total cost, but they can also respond to preventive hygiene measures, the object of greater attention with the pandemic crisis. Participants no longer have to pick up receivers and headphones, generally given to face-to-face events. Simply scan the qrcode located at the entrance to the room, and download the Rafiky app.

A practical and modern solution, which respects the quality standards and safety conditions in public places. The interpreting services are guaranteed thanks to the interpreting equipment via the app Rafiky.

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