The challenges of 2022: we are ready for the future

Sfide del 2022

2021 is not over yet, but in International Congresses we are already looking to the coming year with confidence and enthusiasm. Indeed, we are ready to welcome the challenges of 2022 with professionalism and desire to grow together with our interpreters.

The challenges of 2022: what we have learned from 2021

This year, you will know well, has been difficult for each of us. In particular, the world of congresses has suffered an unprecedented stop due to COVID. As a Milanese interpreting agency we have been able to come back stronger, especially thanks to our simultaneous translators. We have indeed arranged multilingual webinar in pandemic period thanks to our fantastic interpreters and our technical skills. In this way, the sector has managed to recover and today we can think of next year with more positivity.

In recent months, in fact, as an interpreting agency we have organized face-to-face conventions in Milan and beyond. It was a great thrill to resume working on site, but also an unprecedented challenge. The current legislation is clear, each event must follow well-established procedures and rules. In International Congresses we have therefore worked hard to be able to guarantee all participants high quality and hygiene standards. The safeguarding of our collaborators and customers is in fact today perhaps our main objective.

For this purpose, we have reorganized the rental system of our equipment, in order to guarantee safe simultaneous translations. We have worked hard on the hardware and software front, in order to continue to be a reliable and professional interpreting agency.

2022: hardware and software solutions

One of the most interesting and effective solutions that we have adopted is certainly the'innovative app by Rafiky. Rafiky, our partner web conferencing platform, has in fact made our events easier and safer. Conference participants can now take advantage of simultaneous translation services through their smartphone, simply by installing the app.

Using their device and headphones, people avoid coming into contact with surfaces and objects, limiting possible infections. Furthermore, according to the data collected, this simple solution leads to a reduction in organizational costs for our customers. Not having to sanitize additional rental devices, in fact, it is estimated a 40-60% savings on overheads. It is, therefore, a truly cutting-edge innovation and service, which we are happy to be able to offer.

Our interpreting agency also makes use of a dedicated sanitation team constant of the spaces and equipment used. Ensuring safety and high hygiene standards remain a priority, given the not always reassuring news about the pandemic. In full compliance with the official decrees, we ensure that the guidelines are respected in every part. Sanitizing towers will be installed on site and the distance between the participants will be guaranteed. All the equipment used is sanitized according to a precise procedure and, when possible, even replaced with smarter solutions.

The challenges of 2022: the offer of International Congresses

We don't yet know what awaits us in 2022, but Congressi Internazionale is ready to face its challenges. It doesn't matter how the next conferences are held. Remotely or on site, our interpreting agency has the solution that best suits your needs. After a careful analysis of your needs and the spaces available, we will in fact be able to offer you a personalized service.

We provide a professional team, interpreters (in presence and online) and simultaneous translators for rent first quality. Furthermore, as we have seen, we have enhanced the entire software and hardware system to be able to respond to your every need. We look forward to partnering with you and solving the challenges ahead of us in 2022 together!


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