The innovations of the events in 2022

Le innovazioni degli eventi

Although we have just said goodbye to 2021, in International Congresses we are already focused and projected into this new year. In fact, we look forward to living with you all the event innovations that we have studied in the past months!

The difficulties experienced due to the pandemic there were many and they really put our work in crisis. In fact, we found ourselves canceling important events overnight, seriously bringing the entire interpreting sector to its knees.

It wasn't easy, but we slowly managed to get out of it, implementing new tools and support technologies. We really had to fight, but today we are happy to know that our hard work has paid off!

What 2021 has taught us

As you well know, unfortunately the COVID 19 epidemic continues to scourge the whole world. Despite this, the congress sector has been able to recover for some months now, returning to organize on-site events.

Until about a year ago, all conferences had been canceled or relegated to simple video calls. Thanks to the development of the new  hybrid interpretingHowever, the situation has improved month after month. In this new year, our efforts will focus even more on the continue the path started in 2021.

Thanks to the new tools and services, in fact, we are able to guarantee you the participation in remote and face-to-face events. The new ones remote interpretersin fact, they have mastered the best hardware and software available. This has allowed the world to continue doing business, also helping the economic recovery of the convention sector.

The innovations of the events are, in fact, extraordinary. They made it possible not only to come back to see us, but also to significantly cut costs and management problems!

Hybrid conferences: the future of interpreting

Thanks to upgrading of all the audio-video equipment, as well as the launch of new dedicated software, we can live congresses 2.0. An example above all is that offered by the use ofApp Rafiky, our partner web conferencing platform. Their products, in fact, allow users to have a online interpreter and simultaneous translator dedicated, simply using your own device.

Whether you are on site with your smartphone or remotely from a PC, in fact, all you need to do is register and choose your language to immerse yourself in the conference. It will be exactly like participating in a classic event, living an experience but more smart and safe.

Thanks to our efforts remote interpretersmoreover, it will be even easier to obtain a dedicated service wherever you are and whatever your language. In fact, the offer is vast: English, Chinese, German interpreting… you can choose from over 200 possibilities!

Finally, again thanks to the new hardware and software tools created, we were able to guarantee greater inclusiveness to all categories. We are extremely proud, for example, of our service sign language interpreting. Thanks to him, in fact, every day many deaf people can go back to living a rich and interesting social life.

Thanks to new event innovations and the enhancement of hybrid interpreting, we are ready to break down each physical, linguistic and technological barrier!

International Congresses: our event innovations

In Congressi Internazionali we immediately tried to offer innovations for events, capable of overcoming the difficulties imposed by the pandemic. Today we are able to present you a complete service, versatile and perfectly in line with current regulations, maintaining the highest quality standards.

Relying on us is equivalent to optimizing your resources, increasing performance and productivity. Together, we will study tailor-made solutions that allow you to easily organize events and do business. In fact, after careful consultancy and taking into account your needs, we will be able to indicate the type of interpreting that is most suitable for you. We will take care of the rest, managing all the technical part and the relative instrumentation both on site and remotely.

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