The 5 favorite Italian cities for international congresses and conferences

Agenzia di interpreti a Milano | Le 5 città italiane preferite per congressi e conferenze internazionali

Most of the international events and congresses, who are leaving with great emphasis, need the support of interpreter agencies e interpreting services.

After an involuntary hiatus last year, international events are breathing again. What was missing was the ability to interact live with the participants and the interlocutors. Although the remote alternative has made (re)discover the advantages and benefits in organizing meetings and conferences with foreign partners and customers, on the other return to normal it was so unexpectedly strong and coveted.

And while companies and multinationals run for grab the best locations and cities to set up the event scheduled for the season, the main interpreter agencies scattered throughout the national and international territory are mobilized so that they are able to fulfill the wishes and expectations of their customers.

Congressi Internazionali boasts of a vast network of specialized and localized interpreters in the main cities of Italy and Europe.

Considering the last one report ICCA (International Congress and Convention Association) Statistics Report Country & City Rankings – Public Abstract of 2019, we have compiled a list of the five Italian cities sought after and selected by companies and congress operators in the same year.

We would like to underline how much the 2019 report underlined a significant increase equal to 137 more congresses compared to the performance of the previous year, for a total of 13,254 at an international level. Furthermore, the ICCA ranking should not be considered exhaustive, since it only takes into account events and congresses with a minimum of 50 participants and which take place on a regular basis and in rotation among at least 3 different countries.

In the section "European Ranking: number of meetings for city”, it is possible to consult a complete list of the main European cities that have been chosen as urban locations for international congresses and conventions.

The five Italian cities sequentially are: Rome (102 events) in 13th place, Milan (73 events) in 19th place, Florence and Naples (entrambe con 33 eventi) rispettivamente al 33imo e 34imo posto, e infine Bologna (27 events) in 61st place.

Each of these cities naturally comes selected on the basis of economic, sectoral, cultural and social factors. By activating filters by territory, for salt capacity required, The type of hospitality and for adaptability to specificities of their event, companies and congress operators can choose one city over the other.

However, these are five Italian cities with a strong economic and cultural impact, as well as tourism.

The congress segment is one of the most important in the tourism sector. Italian cities that can afford to host international congresses must guarantee a touristic contribution not only traditional, but also of business.

We notice it in this week of September in Milan. International guests and tourists are crowding the main streets of the city of Milan for the Milano Fashion Week. There will certainly be multilingual events and press conferences. This implies the need to rely on professional figures of cultural and linguistic mediation and to take advantage of interpreting services in Milan.

As happened for the Milan Design Week 2021 edition, professional interpreters intervened to provide simultaneous interpreting services for the Italian-Chinese language combination in live streaming for fairs and events.

International Congresses is a event organization agency and interpreters also present in Milan, the capital of fashion. We have professional interpreters in Milan, as well as in other major congress cities throughout Europe.

The ICCA 2019 report had already announced a strong desire and need for all companies to organize more residential events and congresses, promoting the local economy and national and the promotion of culture and information.

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