Language demand: analysis of the most in-demand languages and interpreting services in Italy and Europe

Our planet is an intricate linguistic mosaic, a vivid reflection of the diversity and richness of global cultures. Among the world's most widely spoken languages, Mandarin Chinese stands out with its vast geographic range and remarkable number of speakers. Right behind it are Spanish, English, Hindi and Arabic, each with its own unique history and influence in the current global context. These languages, much more than media, play a vital role in international relations, global trade and diplomacy, acting as bridges that link individuals and societies in a continuous and valuable intercultural dialogue.

Statistica sulle lingue più richieste per l?interpretariato in Italia

In exploring the language situation in Italy, information provided by Congressi Internazionali paints an interesting and nuanced picture. As the statistics on demand for interpreting from Italian reveal, English, remaining a predominant language in business and international relations, naturally ranks among the most in demand. However, what clearly emerges is a growing demand for languages such as French, Spanish, German and Chinese. The growing presence of Chinese in requests indicates an increase in business interactions with Asian partners. These data clearly indicate a significant diversification of language needs in the Italian context. The ranking of the most requested languages for interpreting from Italian, presented in ascending order, gives us further insight:

  1. English
  2. French
  3. Spanish
  4. Chinese
  5. Russian
  6. Ukrainian
  7. Portuguese
  8. Japanese

These data provide an in-depth analysis of the languages in greatest demand, highlighting the complexity of language needs in Italy and the broad spectrum of communication with foreign countries handled by Congressi Internazionali.

Statistical analysis of interpreting demand in Italy

Through an in-depth analysis of Congressi Internazionali's internal data, a detailed overview of the most in-demand interpreters in Italy emerges. This data is crucial for interpreters, as it enables them to tailor their skills to the most in-demand languages, thereby improving their position in the dynamic interpreting market. Delving further, we explore the ranking of the most in-demand interpreting services by Congressi Internazionali clients, presented in ascending order:

  1. Consecutive: the speaker pauses every three to four sentences to allow the interpreter to translate what is being said at that time; the interpreter translates after the speaker has completed a segment of the speech. This method is suitable for shorter speeches, meetings, or interviews;
  2. Consecutivo: il relatore s?interrompe ogni tre/quattro frasi per permettere all?interprete di tradurre quanto detto in quel momento; l’interprete traduce dopo che il relatore ha completato un segmento del discorso. Questo metodo è adatto a discorsi più brevi, riunioni o interviste;
  3. Video: interpreters provide real-time translations through video calls, enabling remote communication; a practical example is LingoYou Group's Rafiky software;
  4. Video: gli interpreti forniscono traduzioni in tempo reale attraverso videochiamate, consentendo la comunicazione a distanza; un esempio pratico è il software Rafiky di LingoYou Group;
  5. Telefonico: gli interpreti forniscono servizi di traduzione attraverso chiamate telefoniche. È ampiamente utilizzato per consentire la comunicazione tra persone che parlano lingue diverse; l?oratore, s?interrompe ogni tre/quattro frasi per permettere all?interprete di tradurre quanto detto in quel momento;
  6. LIS (Italian sign language): is a visual mode of communication used by deaf people and people with hearing difficulties. LIS interpreters translate from spoken language to Italian sign language.

Questa classifica mette in luce la diversificazione delle esigenze interpretative, evidenziando come i servizi varino in base al contesto e alle preferenze del cliente. Gli interpreti, informati su queste tendenze, possono meglio adattare le proprie competenze per soddisfare le richieste specifiche del mercato, posizionandosi come professionisti di spicco nell’industria dell’interpretariato.

From business to private

Interpreting, far from being limited to business transactions and international conferences, extends to a wide range of contexts, embracing the needs of both businesses and individuals. Many people turn to interpreting services to deal with legal issues, obtain medical advice or handle complex personal situations. In this context, languages such as Arabic, Russian and Urdu are emerging to meet the needs of an increasingly broad clientele, demonstrating the flexibility inherent in interpreting.

This adaptation to clients' specific needs enables interpreters to play an essential role in diverse situations, helping to break down language barriers in areas beyond traditional international transactions. Indeed, flexibility is a valuable asset for interpreters, who can expand their service offerings and ensure that people can communicate effectively, regardless of context.

Delving further, let us now examine the main cities where Congressi Internazionali operates its interpreting services. These cities, strategically distributed throughout the country, highlight the national reach of the company:

  1. Milan
  2. Rome
  3. Bologna
  4. Florence
  5. Venice
  6. Genoa
  7. Turin
  8. Palermo
  9. Cagliari

The presence in these cities represents not only comprehensive geographic coverage but also underscores the ability of Congressi Internazionali to provide interpreting services nationwide, meeting the needs of a diverse clientele and providing easy access to interpreting services across the country.


In an increasingly interconnected world, interpreters play a crucial role in facilitating communication between individuals and different cultures. Understanding the most popular languages and their market demand is essential to the success of interpreters and translators. Accurate data provided by Congressi Internazionali, combined with insight into global trends, offer valuable guidance for adapting to changing language needs and providing high-quality services in an ever-changing language landscape.



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