Checklist per l’organizzazione di conferenze: guida completa

Stilare la checklist per l’organizzazione del tuo congresso internazionale: 5 step fondamentali

Theme: organization of international congresses and conferences.


Let's say that your company has to focus on the organization of a congress. It is therefore an important large event. The program provides for the high presence of international participantsfrom different countries. What will you have to do to be able to better organize your event, avoiding flops and unpleasant unexpected events?


What you will have to do is start from areliminary analysis and from the very idea you have of the event itself. What is its goal, what is its target, what is its content and methods. Specifically, let's see together by points how to follow the basic procedure for the organization of international congresses and conferences.

The top 5 points of the checklist for organization of international congresses:

  1. Goal setting of the event

The first step coincides with the preliminary phase of the organization of the congress. It is therefore necessary to start from the identification of the objectives of the event. The success of an event depends on its yield, and to obtain a good yield it is first of all necessary to understand what the objectives to be achieved are. Focusing attention on the objective helps to better understand what the resources, work and methods to be analyzed and used should be subsequently. Then ask yourself what do you hope to achieve with this congress. Only after establishing the goal, you can proceed with the next steps for planning the event.

2. Company budget and target audience

The second phase is structured on the basis of the objectives defined in the previous phase. In fact, depending on the objective, you will be able to find which are the recipients of the event and plan a total budget to organize the event. Understanding who to address the event to and which people to attract is an aspect that should not be underestimated. The public is the engine, the active part and crucial to achieve a event ad hoc and achieve the desired degree of success.

In addition to the definition of the target, in this phase it is calculated what economic resources are available to establish an action plan. You can also have external funding and investment from sponsors. Don't forget to add an extra margin for unexpected expenses and mishaps.

3. Search for perfect location

Every event deserves and needs a location that is appropriate to the nature and needs of the event. The organization of a congress in this case requires a location easily reachable with public transport, spacious and bright, functional and appropriate. The size and aesthetic characteristics of the location must respect the objective of the event. A location that is too large for a small audience could be dispersive and "cold". A location that is too small for a large audience could cause the opposite effect.

The accessibility of the location is the object of great care by the event organizers. Since a coagulation of people and subjects from different parts of the world is foreseen, it is essential that the difficulty of achieving it does not become a reason for non-effective participation.

And again, considering the presence of technical professionals and congress interpreters, the location must allow installation of technical equipment for interpreting.

4. The team creation and the intervention of external figures: the congress interpreters

As already mentioned, the nature of the international congress also requires the presence of professionals and expert linguists. Congress interpreters are called upon to provide a simultaneous interpreting service to promote effective communication and maximum accessibility at the event. International participants cannot be left in the dark and away from the event due to language and cultural barriers. It is the organizer's task to consider this aspect, and the task of the professional figures, such as translators and interpreters, to put it into practice.

Not taking into account the linguistic and cultural differences between participants and speakers/organizers can be a reason for failure or dissatisfaction.

5. Promotion of the event

Today, marketing is fiercely defending communication strategies from the digital touch. The social they have become the daily bread for those who work in marketing and communication. Communicating details and information in a captivating, clear and exhaustive way is necessary in order to be able to attract the greatest number of people.

We know how much the organization of congresses and events requires great effort and commitment. Everything must be planned and synchronized perfectly. Every single detail is a piece to be carefully fixed.

Also think about alternatives and plans B it's another great way to avoid getting lost and confused. If, for example, it is difficult to find the right location or available interpreters, it is possible to rely on agencies that provide remote interpreting services. Simultaneous interpreting can be equally effective and professional even remotely.

Congressi Internazionali has all the professional congress organization and interpreting services, including video interpreting, that are right for you.

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