Online interpreters – Where can I find an interpreter?

Dove posso trovare un interprete?

In a few days you have an important call with a potential client and you don't speak his language… the person in question is in desperate need to communicate an urgent problem to you, but you don't speak Chinese… You ask yourself: “Where can I find an interpreter?”.

Google will obviously provide the quickest response and connect you with countless language agencies, freelance linguists, or the usual language services behemoths that have the biggest ad spend, but what else do you need to know about this seemingly simple request? You can find interpreters with in-depth knowledge in almost any field or specialty, sign language interpreters, telephone interpreters, and even more so following the pandemic, virtual interpreters.

What to know before looking for an interpreter

You've identified a need to bridge a language gap, great. This is the first step in creating a line of communication for your customers. But you also need to find out first if there are any dialect or regional considerations unique to the language you're looking for. Take Chinese, for example. While the official state language of China is Mandarin, Cantonese is widely spoken in Hong Kong and many other provinces in China. Therefore, it becomes a priority to make sure you understand the dialectal nuance you need, under penalty of incommunicability!

An interpreter at international congresses combines two skills

Alongside the necessary language is the second most important consideration. What field or specialization do you need for your interpretation? Most high-level interpreters find themselves mastering particular subjects such as legal, health care or other particular specialist fields. Each field has its own lexicon and jargon – a novice-level interpreter may literally possess neither to correctly interpret your client’s thoughts and concerns. This can invariably lead to frustration or worse, an abrupt termination of the relationship with the customer. No one wants to see their speech misinterpreted, incorrectly edited, or simplified to the point where what they say is offensive.

The medium and the modality are the message

With what means and tools do you intend to carry on the interpretation? Well yes, there are many ways of interpreting today thanks to the power of technology, such as telephone or remote interpreting.

Telephone interpreting is great for those quick calls or for settings where a person simply cannot be present (for example, in prison). It allows you to quickly communicate with a customer or someone who needs to better understand a process, such as your local government agency. Telephone interpreting may not be the best solution when you are dealing with very serious problems, cases in which a person's fate hangs in the balance. A legal environment or a medical environment generally requires that an interpreter be present on site and actively interpret the conversation, expressions and nuances that occur between the speaking parties.

On-site interpreting sometimes requires a little advance planning, but ensures a richer interpretation. It also allows the patient or consumer to experience greater comfort and ease of conversation. A good performer knows how to fill the scene inconspicuously, minimizing his presence to leave room for the parts. You will also notice that a good interpreter always takes notes, which he then destroys at the end of the session for reasons of privacy and confidentiality.

The third major means of interpretation is the one that has gained more and more ground with the outbreak of the pandemic. This type of interpreting is called remote interpreting or remote interpreting and is now always used in a transversal way in every type of sector. Think of the medical field which with telemedicine has also reached new levels of popularity and growth in the last year. Thanks to technological supports, nowadays a patient has the opportunity to look his doctor in the eye, even from a distance, and alleviate the psychological distance that is usually created during a simple telephone conversation. In fields such as teletherapy it is imperative for a patient to feel the human connection with a therapist or psychiatrist. We make sure for our virtual connections that we use GDPR compliant formats and maintain high ethical and technological requirements.

Find the best interpreters with International Congresses

It can be easy to find an interpreter, almost as simple as ordering a pizza, but knowing what makes an interpreter competent and how a good interpreting agency works is another story. Interpreters may have formal degrees in their respective field or certifications within the languages and specialties in which they work. An interpreter with for example a 60 hour certificate in medical and healthcare language has a demonstrable advantage in a hospital environment over a novice interpreter with no background.

At International Congresses we carry out tests and additional training to ensure that our interpreters have the temperament, professionalism and linguistic knowledge to best meet the specific needs of your case. With us you don't just find an interpreter, but a partner for your language service needs. Start your journey now, find the perfect interpreter for you.

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