Sign language interpreters: a versatile solution

Sign language interpreting is an essential service for people who are deaf or hard of hearing. In international contexts, such as congresses, the presence of sign language interpreters is essential to ensure the full and active participation of all participants. This form of interpreting acts as a bridge, enabling people with hearing impairments to access information, participate in discussions and carry out activities normally.

The social value of sign language interpreting

The social significance of this form of interpreting goes beyond the mere translation of words. It represents a tangible commitment to promoting inclusion and breaking down barriers that prevent deaf people from fully participating in society. At international congresses, where diversity is key, sign language interpreters play a fundamental role in ensuring that every voice, regardless of hearing ability, is heard and understood.

Sign Language Interpreting on App

Technology has played a revolutionary role in the accessibility of sign language interpreting. Today, many apps offer sign language interpreting services, making this resource valuable even in non-physical contexts. Remote accessibility through dedicated apps greatly extends the reach of this form of interpreting, enabling people with hearing impairments to virtually participate in conferences, meetings and other international events.

The value of sign language interpreting: live and remote

Live Speech Interpreters: In the context of international congresses, the presence of sign language interpreters during live events is essential. Their participation ensures that presentations, speeches and discussions are accessible to all participants regardless of their hearing ability. Real-time interaction with interpreters ensures clear communication and inclusive participation.

Remote interpreting: with the advent of digital technologies, remote sign language interpreting is gaining popularity. Through dedicated apps, people with hearing impairments can virtually participate in international congresses, enjoying the same benefits as those who attend in person. This mode offers flexibility and accessibility, expanding participation opportunities for a wider audience.

Sign Language Interpreters at Congressi Internazionali

At Congressi Internazionali, we recognise the crucial importance of the sign language interpreter in ensuring an inclusive and accessible conference experience. Our interpreters are experts in facilitating communication between participants with different hearing abilities, helping to make every presentation, speech and discussion accessible to all. Whether you attend in person or virtually via our online platform, the presence of sign language interpreters at Congressi Internazionali is a commitment to equality, enabling every participant to fully enjoy the conference experience, regardless of spoken language or hearing ability.

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