Interpretariato Online: opportunità di Congressi Internazionali

Interpretariato Online: opportunità di Congressi Internazionali

Interpreting has always gone hand in hand with technology and, with the advance of technology, the work of an interpreter has also had to adapt to new needs.

In recent years, technological advances (free videoconferencing software, mobile telephony, immediacy…) have made remote interpreting (telephone or videoconference interpreting) progressively more effective. Furthermore, we have more and more companies that have a large team of professional interpreters, available practically at all hours of the day, providing a wide variety of languages, such as International Congresses. All this means that, little by little, the work of remote interpreting is increasingly valued and recognized.

The fact that voice and image can be transmitted from anywhere in the world means that the interpreter's work takes place within a market, not only national, but also global. Therefore, new technological advances are why this new mode of interpreting is increasingly popular, especially in public services.

Professional results of remote interpreting

When we talk about working as an online interpreter, we have to distinguish between two areas of work: videoconference interpreting and telephone interpreting. These two worlds are relatively new and little known.

Fear of the new and the unknown can be crippling. This is why we wanted to write about the many professional opportunities of remote interpreting and communicate that this area of interpreting represents the future for all those looking for a job as an interpreter. This is because, as we said before, the world of technology always advances and we with it.

Videoconference interpreting and telephone interpreting

To talk about the professional opportunities of working as a remote interpreter, we will first talk about video conference interpreting and then about telephone interpreting.

Video conference interpreting is a type of remote negotiation interpreting that takes place via video conference. It is not yet very widespread in Italy, even if some encouraging signs can be glimpsed in the sectors of private companies and, to a lesser extent, public services. However, in other countries such as the United Kingdom, the United States or Australia, video conference interpretation is having a greater impact and this service is mainly used in the fields of health, justice or the police.

There are three types of interaction where work as an interpreter via videoconferencing is required:

  • When customers are in different places.
  • When clients are at a distance and the interpreter is instead together with the recipient of this service (for example, in prison, with a prisoner).
  • When the clients and the interpreter are in different geographical locations and the latter operates following a process similar to that of the telephone interpreter.

Side note: this type of interpreting is developing mainly in the sector of those who work as sign language interpreters.

Telephone interpreting is a type of (remote) liaison interpreting which is carried out over the telephone. Keep in mind that in this type of interpreting, both users and interpreters must follow specific steps to establish contact. The person who wants to contact the interpreter must know the usage operation in advance. The work of interpreter in this sector has been developed all over the world, especially in public services.

The work of the telephone interpreter takes place in these areas:

  • Interpreted telephone conversations or three-way calls where all parties are on the phone in different locations.
  • Face-to-face conversations interpreted through a hands-free phone.
  • Face-to-face conversations where the interlocutors pass the phone to each other.

The need in our country to work as a telephone interpreter occurs above all in the health, police and foreign customer service sectors. In previous International Congresses blog posts, you can see how this type of interpreting works and what exactly we do.

Finally, we want to take your fear away and encourage you to discover the incredible world of remote interpreting. We know that in Italy there is no specialized post-graduate training in this sector. However, aware of this lack of training, several universities and professional associations offer courses and seminars on working as a remote interpreter.

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