Legal interpreter: what is the verdict on this specialized figure?

Interprete giuridico: qual è il verdetto su questa figura specializzata?

As our society has evolved and international collaboration has grown, the figure of thelegal interpreter has become increasingly relevant in addressing language barriers in all aspects of legal proceedings.

Because you cannot do without a legal interpreter

The criminal justice system of an increasingly multi ethnic and multicultural society cannot do without language specialists such as legal interpreters. In fact, in a trial, it is essential that the various parties involved communicate with each other in the most efficient way possible so that justice takes its course.

Defendants must be able to provide key information and help understand ways to structure their defense. Plaintiffs must understand the strength of their case and the risk/benefit analysis when considering a settlement. Language barriers prevent this and hamper legal proceedings, causing problems for all parties involved.

The challenges posed by language barriers in the legal field do not stop there, but also extend to:

  • Business transaction
  • Insurance and real estate contracts
  • Employee benefits
  • Financial statements

The characteristics of a good legal interpreter

The skills of a good legal interpreter go beyond those required for legal translations. Indeed, a competent legal interpreter recognizes the nuances of a lawyer's questions and provides clients with a complete and reliable interpretation. Through his work, he allows these people to be protected by the law.

Legal interpreters are professional linguists, with relevant qualifications and, most importantly, experience in the courtroom.

They must be able to translate language, tone and context. It is also vital that they can translate the law, particularly in situations where legislation differs or terminology cannot be translated directly from one language to another.

In addition to these skills, a legal interpreter must be:

  • Extremely reliable
  • Impartial
  • Able to maintain strict confidentiality throughout the case

The hard life of the legal interpreter

Legal interpretation has its own set of rules, terminologies, difficulties, solutions and models. Legal interpretation goes beyond understanding two languages and legal language. There are many unexpected and problematic aspects to this area and using unqualified interpreters can make things even more difficult.

Accuracy in legal interpretation is not achieved by linguistic fluency alone. What is also extremely important is a high level of knowledge of legal terminology in both working languages.

If an interpreter does not understand legal terminology and procedures, they will not be able to:

  • Convey what is asked of him
  • Translate legal issues
  • Communicate the consequences of situations in which your customers are involved

Do you need a legal interpreter? International Congresses take care of it

The role of the legal interpreter is difficult, demanding and complex. You require talented, highly disciplined and well-trained professionals who exhibit the utmost care and confidentiality. Our network of specialized legal interpreters makes us the first choice for legal translation and interpreting.

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