Remote interpreter – The different types of remote interpreter

I diversi tipi di interprete a distanza

Thanks to technological advances, 5G and the higher speed of Internet connection, as well as its diffusion all over the planet, the doors have opened to the development of new interpretative modalities that allow savings on travel, both for speakers and clients and for the interpreters. The Covid-19 pandemic has only accelerated this process.

L?attuale tecnologia garantisce un’interpretazione di qualità senza la necessità che l’interprete si trovi fisicamente presente nel luogo in cui si svolge l?evento. Si tratta insomma di un’interpretazione simultanea o consecutiva a distanza, a seconda della modalità scelta.

However, some minimum technical conditions must be guaranteed to guarantee the success of the service. In order for everything to run smoothly, it is important that both the interlocutors and the interpreters have a powerful Internet connection, with an ethernet cable, as well as quality headphones and a microphone to ensure optimal sound quality.

A seconda delle modalità di svolgimento dell?interpretazione, della posizione e del tipo di software utilizzato, possiamo distinguere fondamentalmente tre tipi di interprete da remoto.

Interprete da remoto simultaneo ?puro?

Usually a platform with specific simultaneous translation software is used from which the interpreter and the client interact, a closed environment from which the interpreter works with a virtual console and where everything depends on the platform running the service. Neither the interpreter nor the client has any control over delivery, signal quality or any other technical aspect.

Pure remote professionals

  • The interpreter does not have to move, but can perform the service from home.
  • Savings on travel expenses.
  • Everything happens in one environment.


Interprete da remoto ?ibrido?

In this system, the interpreter is in a physical studio, known as a HUB. From here he performs his interpretation through normal technical means, in ISO approved booths and with the technical supervision of a professional. The customer's signal is received via video conferencing software. The audience for the meeting can be scattered in different places.

Hybrid Remote Professionals

  • The interpreter works in a controlled and known environment.
  • Technical support is immediate, which saves work for the interpreter.
  • Cost reduction in meetings with more than two languages ​​by being able to work with relays.
  • Savings on travel expenses.
  • Standard work with cabin mate.
  • Use of professional platforms and with lower associated costs.

Interprete da remoto ?ibrido?, ma di persona

It is a variant of the previous one, but in this case speakers and participants are all in the same physical position. Interpretation is performed from a remote hub. From the hub, audio shipments to the event venue are managed and interpretation is received at the venue via traditional receivers.

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