Interpretariato sussurrato ? come avviene?

Things chuchotage or whispered interpreting?

Whispered or whispered interpreting is a form of interpreting in which the linguist stands or sits next to a small audience and whispers a simultaneous interpretation of what is being said.

The term chuchotage is French and means "to whisper".

What is chuchotage beneficial?

Whispered or whispered interpreting is best suited to situations where only a small number of people need interpretation. Chuchotage is ideal for an audience of single people, but can also be used for an audience of several people, if they are grouped close to the performer. The technique is ineffective for audiences larger than four people.

I benefited from the chuchotage:

  • It usually does not require specific technology (although equipment can be used to improve reception).
  • It is a form of simultaneous interpreting, so it takes less time than consecutive interpreting.
  • It is usually performed by a single interpreter, which can make it cheaper than other techniques.

The limits of whispered interpreting

Chuchotage interpreting has several limitations:

  • It's not appropriate for a wider audience.
  • The interpreter has to listen, translate and speak at the same time, which can be mentally taxing.
  • The audience also has to focus closely; ambient noise and the speaker's voice can be distracting.

Learn more about Chuchotage

During whispered interpretation, the interpreters whisper at a low volume. Their pronunciation will often be de-voiced, which means that the interpreter will intentionally reduce the resonance of vowels and some consonants.

Sometimes interpreters use a technique called "murmuring," in which the interpreter maintains the standard voice, at a reduced volume.

All chuchotage is "simultaneous" in the sense that the interpreter will whisper while the speaker is speaking. However, some interpreters will stick closely behind the speaker and whisper continuously, while others will interpret in short, intermittent bursts.

Chatting Services

Chuchotage interpreting is still used in a variety of settings, including conference interpreting, courtroom interpreting, and liaison interpreting. If you need whispered or any other kind of interpretation, contact us using the form below!

We are experienced in interpreting for all types of clients, from corporates and high profile government entities to individuals and conference organisers. We offer whispered services (as well as a wide range of other interpreting services) in more than 200 languages ​​and dialects.

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