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The services of interpreting dall’inglese all’italiano sono generalmente i più richiesti. A seconda dell’occasione e del contesto (congressi, conferenze, convegni, fiere, meeting aziendali con ospiti stranieri) le tipologie di interpretariato sono molteplici.

English-Italian simultaneous interpreting

L’interprete simultaneo English Italian lavora, in occasioni come convegni, seminari o conferenze o in generale eventi con molti partecipanti, all’interno di cabine insonorizzate. Ascolta il messaggio dell’oratore attraverso apposite cuffie e lo riproduce in tempo reale, tramite microfono, nella lingua d’arrivo.

Consecutive interpreting.

The English-Italian consecutive interpreter generally works without the aid of headphones, and normally sits next to the speaker; he listens and memorizes everything that is said, takes notes through a particular technique of notes and as soon as the speaker has finished his speech, returns, in the most faithful way possible, the meaning of the portion of speech

Liaison interpreting.

The English-Italian liaison interpreter works mainly for presentations or trade fair events with a small audience: he is physically present, and guarantees, through the translation of the respective messages, communication and interaction between the parties.

Whispered (or chuchotage) interpreting.

The English-Italian whispered interpreter works in small events; she normally sits next to the speaker and whispers (from the French verb chuchoter = "to whisper") in real time into the ear of the listener or listeners the message of the speaker translated into the target language.
If you are looking for an English-Italian interpreter for your event, select the type that best suits your needs and contact us. Thanks to our network of over 1,000 highly qualified native-speaking professional interpreters, registered with the most important national and international trade associations, with specific skills in various areas of specialization according to your needs, we will provide you with the English-Italian interpreter tailored for you , offering you a service of excellence, certified and guaranteed.
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