Ruolo dell’interpretariato in inglese nell’apprendimento

Ruolo dell’interpretariato in inglese nell’apprendimento

Sei interessato a saperne di più sulle buone pratiche per l’apprendimento dell’inglese? Ti sei mai imbattuto in un autodidatta in qualche materia? Sono persone il cui modo di essere le rende molto interessanti e dovrebbero essere studiate. Attualmente gli autodidatti sono conosciuti nel mondo educativo come attivi e la metodologia che utilizzano è nota come attivazione.

This methodology is basically about the language learner taking responsibility for their learning, they can no longer blame the teacher or other people for not showing progress. Activation is a fundamental part of learning a language and goes beyond simply preparing for the lesson, reviewing readings or studying vocabulary. It is in itself the ability to be immersed in English in daily life whether you are in an English speaking country or not.

Active learning of English: exercises and strategies

In the hyper-busy world we live in, nobody has time. Or at least that's the impression we get. But on a closer look, we may find that lack of time is more a matter of focusing, eliminating distractions that consume us, and living every minute with purpose. You can start by changing the phone language, changing the TV language, watching movies in their original language and trying to hear and not just read the subtitles; A good exercise is to watch the 4 seasons of Stranger Things – just to take as an example a series that is currently very popular – in English and without subtitles.

Another important exercise is reading, statistics say that the average CEO reads 50 books a year, a very impressive goal but accessible to all people. I made a quick calculation: a book has an average of 250 pages and an adult reads about 300 words per minute, this means that by reading 30 minutes a day it is possible to read just like a CEO. You can start implementing a reading routine 5 minutes a day, the results will be evident because one page a day is better than no pages. Starting with simple and achievable goals will motivate you to have continuity and accomplish what you set out to do, you have to challenge yourself to get the energy and motivation to accomplish something like this.

Get activated with podcasts

Another tool that can help you and that you can use anywhere is the podcast, this tool has had a boom and is booming. You can listen to a podcast while exercising, running, or on your way to work. There are thousands of podcasts dealing with various topics and you will definitely find one you like, I recommend using the Spotify listings, Google Podcasts app or Itunes.

Every change takes time and podcasts are like TV series: you have to find the one that best fits your personality. These tools are very useful because they can give you a learning purpose and make sense of that time "lost" in transport or in daily routine activities. Obviously I advise you not to overdo it: our brain needs rest to perform at its best and improve its performance.

Learn to work hard, go all out, do more than is required of you. Will you do what it takes to achieve your goals? It is important to set your own limits to overcome them, but with intelligence.

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