Effective negotiations: negotiation interpreting

Effective negotiations: negotiation interpreting

Things Liaison interpreting?

Liaison interpreting, or liaison interpreting, is an interpreting service used, generally on occasions such as institutional talks, diplomatic meetings, commercial negotiations, round tables, visits by foreign delegations, cultural or sporting events, business meetings or lunches, to facilitate linguistic communication between small groups of people from different languages and nationalities.

To ensure that communication takes place in a clear and effective way, without linguistic barriers or difficulties, in these cases the presence of a mediator/interpreter is required who, in addition to making dialogue between the parties possible, possesses and knows how to implement linguistic and cultural skills, a good knowledge of negotiation techniques and the specialized terminology required and excellent interaction skills.

The Negotiation interpreter listens and translates the message from language A to language B, without the aid of equipment and technical equipment, such as soundproof booths or headphones used for simultaneous translation. He is physically present, and guarantees, through the translation of the respective messages, communication and interaction between the parties.

It is a very different service from simultaneous interpreting or consecutive interpreting: a characteristic of Negotiation interpreting it is in fact the dialogue between the participants, who can interact with each other, interrupt each other or ask for clarifications, in a real exchange made up of questions, answers, observations, requests and interventions.

Necessary condition for the achievement of the objective of the negotiation is therefore the presence of an expert interpreter, who guarantees the success of the negotiations through clear and qualitatively excellent communication. That of the negotiation interpreter he is an increasingly requested figure in the field of interpreting services and is increasingly gaining ground in the corporate, legal, scientific and medical fields.

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