Conference Interpreting: Guide to Choosing the Right Number of Interpreters for Your Event

Conference Interpreting: Guide to Choosing the Right Number of Interpreters for Your Event

Se stai pianificando un evento multilingue, probabilmente ti sei chiesto quante persone serviranno per gestire la traduzione. La risposta dipende da diversi fattori, tra cui la durata dell’evento, il numero di lingue coinvolte e il tipo di servizio di interpretariato richiesto. In questo articolo, ti aiuteremo a capire quanti interpreti servono per il tuo evento e come scegliere il numero giusto.

Duration of the event and number of interpreters

The length of the event is one of the most important factors in determining how many interpreters are needed. In principle, each interpreter can work for a maximum of 45-60 minutes at a time, after which a changeover is required.

Based on the total duration of the event, you can then calculate how many interpreters are needed. For example, for a 4 hour event, you will need at least 2 interpreters to cover all languages involved. In the case of events lasting more than 7 hours, at least 3 will be needed.

The type of interpreting service

The type of interpreting service you choose can also affect the number of interpreters you need. There are two main types of interpreting: simultaneous and consecutive.

Simultaneous interpreting requires the use of special equipment for real-time translation, while consecutive interpreting involves a pause between the original speech and the translation.

Simultaneous interpreting generally requires a greater number of interpreters than consecutive interpreting, because it requires a constant and intense level of attention from the interpreters to produce accurate and smooth simultaneous interpretation.

It is important to take this into account in planning, to ensure that there are a sufficient number of interpreters available to cover the event and guarantee the highest quality of interpretation.

The number of languages involved

Finally, the number of languages involved is another important factor to consider. Each interpreter can only handle one language at a time, so the number of interpreters needed increases proportionally to the number of languages involved. For example, if your event involves three languages, you will need at least three interpreters to ensure adequate coverage.

Practical advice for planning the event and accurately determining the number of interpreters

We have seen that choosing the number of interpreters for your event depends on the duration of the event itself, the type of interpreting service and the number of languages involved. Make sure you take all of these factors into account when planning your event to ensure that the translation is handled effectively and professionally.

To determine the right number of interpreters needed and generally make sure the event runs smoothly, here are some guidelines your interpreting agency should follow:

Determine the language or languages needed for the event. This should be done based on the native language of the audience or guests, or the language of the event.

Calculate the expected number of attendees at the event and determine if it is a one-on-one or group event. If this is a group event, it is important to establish the number of groups and the number of participants in each group.

Consider the length of the event and the need for interpreter shifts. For example, if the event lasts more than an hour, interpreters may have to take turns to avoid fatigue.

Evaluate the complexity of the event and the degree of specialization required by the interpreters. For example, if the event involves technical or specialist language, a highly specialized interpreter may be required.

Take into account the type of interpreting service required. For example, if you request simultaneous interpreting, you may need more interpreters than for consecutive interpreting.

Finally, evaluate the budget available for the event and the cost of the necessary interpreters. It is important to plan your budget carefully to ensure that the interpreters are adequately compensated and that the event is a success.

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