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If you are looking for a service of interpreting in Venice or for another corporate event, the interpreters of International Congresses in Venice and surroundings will satisfy your linguistic needs, thanks to the best service of interpreting in Venice!

The city was the capital of the Serenissima Republic of Venice for 1100 years and is known in this respect as the Serenissima, the Dominant and the Queen of the Adriatic.

Canals, gondolas, streets, ancient buildings and masks are the key words of Venice, a city of traditions, stories and legends.

It is a magical place, capable of thrilling all the tourists who stroll along its avenues: from the Carnival, to the famous Venice Biennale, and then again the International Film Festival.

Universally considered one of the most beautiful cities in the world, it was declared, together with its lagoon, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, which contributed to making it the second Italian city (after Rome) with the highest tourist flow, largely coming from abroad.

In short, Venice fascinates everyone during any season!


Venice, one of the most sought-after destinations among the Italian cities of art, is also the place where various very peculiar and very ancient festivities are celebrated every year.

On April 25, for example, the feast of the patron saint San Marco is celebrated, who became the Patron Saint of Venice in memory of his legendary work of evangelization in the life of the Venetian people.

Poi, si celebra la Festa della Sensa, che trova le sue radici nella Serenissima Repubblica che, nel giorno dell?Ascensione di Cristo, istituì questa festa per ricordare due vittorie molto importanti. La prima è quella del 9 maggio dell?anno 1000 quando Venezia iniziò il percorso di conquista del mare Adriatico; la seconda ricorda il trattato di pace, siglato a Venezia nel 1177 che pose fine alla disputa tra Impero e Papato.

The third and final event is the Festa del Redentore: a more than 400-year-old Venetian tradition that is celebrated on the third Sunday of July. A very important event for the city is remembered: the liberation from the plague epidemic that scourged the city until July 1577.


Whatever your need in Venice, we at Congressi Internazionali will break down the language barriers together with you!

With our service interpreting in Venice tailored, we can provide you with the best Venice-based interpreters with professional experience in your field of work, whose knowledge of procedure and technical terminology surpasses any other agency and makes interpreting smooth, accurate and trouble-free.

Interpreters at International Congresses in Venice cover over 200 languages. Their expertise ranges from high-tech engineering, science and IT to all types of financial, legal and medical branches.

We also provide extra support for: projects, organizational assistance, translation services and cultural consultancy in addition to all forms of interpreting in Venice.

So what are you waiting for? Choose the best in the field, choose us, choose International Congresses.

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